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7 Best Companion Dogs For Chihuahuas – Find The Perfect Match!

Chihuahuas can be lovebugs to their favorite humans, but a war freak to other dogs. This breed is known to be dominant, and their territorial nature kicks in when there’s another canine around. They will try t0 dominate and fight the other dog, which makes it hard to raise them in a multi-canine setup. But with intensive socialization from puppyhood, it’s possible to introduce the best companion dog for Chihuahua.

Take note that raising another dog with a Chi isn’t an easy task. It entails rigorous training, socialization, and monitoring. You have to do the process right and pick the breed that suits your Chihuahua best. Below, I listed a few breeds that could be the perfect match for your dog.

Why do Chihuahuas find it hard to get along with other dogs?

best companion dog for Chihuahua

It all boils down to their breed. Chihuahuas have a naturally territorial and dominant personality. They love snuggling with their favorite persons, but they are ready to jump up and fight when they sense danger.

And when we say danger, it could be the harmless presence of another dog, stranger, or even an object. Chihuahuas are a very sensitive bunch, so they tend to overreact to various stimuli.

Still, it doesn’t mean Chihuahuas can’t be raised with another dog. You just have to socialize and train the Chi the moment it steps into your home. This way, you can dampen its aggressive and territorial tendencies.

Aside from that, you also have to factor in the temperament of the specific Chihuahua you’re going to get from a breeder. If you got a puppy with aggressive parents, the pup would surely possess the same characteristics. This is why you should only deal with reliable breeders that focus on the form and personality of their dogs.

In addition to your dog’s personality, you also have to pick the right breed to pair with a Chi. Basically, you wouldn’t want to bring a breed with the same territorial nature. You should avoid breeds like Rottweiler, Doberman Pinscher, Giant Schnauzer, Puli, and Rhodesian Ridgeback, among others.

Lastly, you should choose the opposite gender of your Chihuahua. Same-sex dogs tend to have tension, especially between two female Chihuahuas.

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Best companion dog for Chihuahua – Top 7 Options

While Chihuahuas can be difficult to raise with another dog, the choice of the breed will help increase your success rate. Here are some of the breeds you can consider for a second dog. Just note that many factors will affect these breeds’ compatibility with a Chi.

1. Another Chihuahua

best companion dog for Chihuahua

If you don’t want to restart with another breed, you can get another Chihuahua to serve as a companion of your resident doggo. This way, you already know what to expect in terms of temperament and training. While each Chihuahua is different, you already have a headstart as an owner of the same kind.

The biggest advantage of getting another Chihuahua is the size. You won’t worry about the new dog crushing your little Chi. 

Just make sure that you get a second Chihuahua of the opposite gender. Many Chis prefer a Chihuahua-based pack, which will make it easier for you to perform the introduction.

Also, some pet owners don’t recommend getting littermates due to the so-called ‘littermate syndrome’. It’s said that littermates can experience sibling aggression and behavioral issues when sibling dogs are raised in one household.

This syndrome occurs after the dog’s first 10 weeks of life. Usually, this is the period when the Chihuahuas are placed in their new homes. While proof of this is mostly anecdotal, it doesn’t hurt to consider this aspect.

2. Shih Tzu

best companion dog for Chihuahua

If you want to raise a different breed, you can consider getting a Shih Tzu. The breed’s name translates to ‘little lion’, but they are far from vicious.

Shih Tzus are lovers, not hunters. They prefer to cuddle with their owners and are far from aggressive. They are also outgoing dogs with vibrant personalities, making them suitable for novice dog owners.

But how well do Shih Tzus go along with Chihuahuas? As an affectionate, dog-friendly, and laidback breed, Shih Tzus are unlikely to attack your little Chi. With proper training, Shih Tzus and Chihuahuas can get along pretty well.

Moreover, Shih Tzus will also benefit from the companionship of a Chihuahua due to their anxious nature. And like Chis, they also thrive in apartment living.

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Another benefit of considering this breed is that Shih Tzus don’t shed. They are also not fond of barking and howling, not to mention that they are manageable to train.

3. Boston Terrier

best companion dog for Chihuahua

If you’re looking for a gentle companion for your Chihuahua, a French Bulldog might be the best option. Known as the ‘little American Gentleman ‘, this tuxedo-coated doggo is far from its pit-fighting past. Nowadays, Boston Terriers are great companions and will thrive in a multi-canine household.

The good thing about Boston Terriers is they are very friendly, even to other dogs and strangers. They are also easy to train, though you should lock your doors because this breed loves wandering around.

A Boston Terrier’s mellow personality is the yin to your Chihuahua’s yang. This doggo is also an excellent playmate with its playfulness and high energy levels.

Don’t worry because Boston Terriers have a low prey drive, and they are unlikely to chase after a small Chihuahua. But then again, training and socialization are crucial for all canines.

Overall, Boston Terriers are good for apartment dwellers. Just know that they don’t tolerate excessive temperatures well, being a brachycephalic breed.

4. Pug

If you want a smaller package, you can opt for a Pug. This doggo is very popular with pet owners because of its laidback personality. Also, Pugs are affectionate and won’t mind having another dog in the house.

A Pug is less likely to bother or chase your Chihuahua than other breeds. Also, since this doggo is quite tolerant and doesn’t have an intense prey drive, your Chi is safe.

However, Pugs require a lot of patience to train. This doggo doesn’t belong to the smartest bunch, but it will surely yield to your consistency.

Like Chihuahuas, Pugs don’t like being left alone. With this, both dogs will benefit from the company of each other. Just know that Pugs don’t possess the watchdog personality of Chis. Nevertheless, this pooch is easy to groom, though you’ll deal with some level of shedding.

If you’re an apartment dweller, Pugs will be a good addition to the pack. This breed doesn’t require a lot of exercise, and they will be happy to stay in the four corners of your apartment.

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5. Yorkshire Terrier

best companion dog for Chihuahua

If you want a dog that can keep up with the feisty nature of your Chihuahua, look no further than a Yorkshire Terrier. This is a small dog with a larger-than-life personality. With proper training and desensitization, a Yorkie and a Chi can live harmoniously. The key here is introducing the two doggos during puppyhood.

Despite its personality, Yorkies can thrive in an apartment setting. However, you should know that this breed requires a lot of attention when it comes to grooming and training. But if you have the patience, this doggo is worth the hassle.

Overall, Yorkies are high-energy dogs that will give your Chihuahua its dose of exercise.

6. French Bulldog

French Bulldogs have a long history of being companion dogs. They are gentle, affectionate, and friendly canines who can get along with Chihuahuas with proper training.

Frenchies are one the most popular breed in New York City because they thrive in an apartment setting. Also, these canines are easy to train and have a manageable energy level.

Like Chihuahuas, French Bulldogs are prone to separation anxiety. But with the company of another dog, this pooch will thrive in your apartment.

Take note that French Bulldogs are prone to obesity because of their voracious appetite. Therefore, you need to implement a strict diet to ensure that this pooch will grow healthy.

As for getting along with a Chihuahua, Frenchies are quite adaptable. Their prey drive is low, so they are unlikely to chase after your little doggo.

7. Chinese Crested Dog

Do you want a companion dog that won’t bother your Chihuahua? Look no further than a Chinese Crested Dog. This pooch adapts well to apartment living and is very affectionate to its owners. They also don’t mind having other dogs and strangers around. In fact, this doggo can be a couch potato all day.

Moreover, Chinese Crested Dogs shed very little, but they aren’t the easiest to groom. But overall, this is a healthy breed that’s easy to maintain.

Another advantage of Chinese Crested Dogs is they do well with kids. They can be playful, too, which is good for Chihuahuas, who loves running around the house.

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However, Chinese Crested Dogs are Houdini hounds. Make sure that your doors and windows are locked as this sneaky doggo can climb and jump without fear.

Tips in introducing another dog to a Chihuahua

It’s important to introduce the second to your Chihuahua slowly. Here are some tips that will guide you on the process:

✔️Start before bringing the new dog home

Even before the scheduled arrival of the new dog, you must prepare your Chihuahua. It helps a lot to desensitize and socialize your Chi to other dogs of the same or breed of what you’re getting. You can ask friends or family members who have pet dogs for this part.

Setting up a playdate or meeting with other dogs will prepare your Chihuahua for its life in a multi-canine household. If you don’t know anyone with dogs, the dog park will always come in handy. Just make sure that your Chi is leashed during the interaction.

Helping your Chihuahua become social with other dogs will make the introduction to a new pet much easier. You should also take the time to brush up with your pet’s obedience training.

✔️Introduce in a neutral space

Once the new pup is home, you should choose a common ground to make the interaction. Never bring the newcomer to your Chihuahua’s bed, feeding area, and other spots that the latter likes visiting. A separate room that your Chihuahua rarely visits is a good choice. This way, the resident Chi won’t feel threatened.

Above all, you should keep both dogs leashed and supervised. You can ask someone else to hold your Chihuahua’s leash while you handle the new dog.

✔️Keep it calm

Always use a calm tone in addressing both dogs. This is to prevent tension that could make the first interaction negative. Dogs can pick up on anxieties, which isn’t something you’d want to happen in the case of Chihuahuas.

If your Chihuahua is aggressive right off the bat, you should end the interaction. You can resume once your doggo is calmer.

✔️Let it rain treats!

Another way to make the introduction positive is to give your Chihuahua delicious treats while seeing the new dog. This will make your Chi associate the new pet with rewards. You need to repeat this every time you’ll schedule short meetings between the two dogs.

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You should also observe the behavior of your Chihuahua. If it starts growling or becoming tensed, call its name and give a treat right away. This will help diffuse the situation.

✔️Give your Chihuahua extra attention

Chihuahuas can become extremely jealous when there’s a new pet at home. With this, you should focus more on your Chi than ever before. This will make your Chi realize that the new dog in the house isn’t a treat or a rival on your affection.

✔️Feed them separately

Since Chihuahuas are territorial, you should never feed them near the new dog. Instead, you should feed the two dogs in different rooms to avoid tension. Also, never let the new dog share your Chihuahua’s toys, bed, and other belongings.

Even letting the new pet touch these is a no-no. Dogs have a strong sense of smell, so your Chihuahua will easily know if someone else has been around. It’s not a good start for a protective and territorial breed.

✔️Start off-leash interactions

Once your Chihuahua has shown some level of acceptance of the new pet, you can now consider off-leash interactions. Still, you should be closely supervising the two canines to avoid dogfights.

It’s important to end each interaction, leashed or not, on a positive note. You shouldn’t wait for your Chihuahua to exhibit aggression before ending the session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it better to have one or two Chihuahuas?

A: If you want to provide a companion for your dog, another Chihuahua will do. However, you have to perform intense training and socialization to ensure that the two Chis get along properly. It’s also important to assess the personality and temperament of the two canines to ensure that they match.

Q: Are male or female Chihuahuas more affectionate?

A: According to owners, male Chihuahuas are more affectionate and loyal than females. However, this is mostly anecdotal and will vary on every Chihuahua. Also, neutered or spayed Chihuahuas will be mellower, so gender alone isn’t the sole basis of their personality.

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Q: Can two male Chihuahuas live together?

A: It’s not a wise move to mix two male Chihuahuas together. Generally, same-sex canines will experience more territorial tension compared to opposite ones. This is a very important consideration, especially with the Chihuahua breed.

Q: Is it still possible to socialize an older Chihuahua?

A: It’s never too late to socialize a dog, whatever breed it is. However, old age will pose a challenge since dogs at this point have already developed their temperament and personality. Patience, consistency, and a clear plan are needed for the best results.

Q: Can Chihuahuas live with big dogs?

A: It’s not a good decision to raise a Chihuahua with a big dog. First, the size discrepancy can be dangerous for the Chihuahua even if the big dog is docile. Second, Chihuahuas don’t like large canines. Still, there are cases when pet owners successfully raised a big dog and a Chi together without major problems.

Q: How do I get my Chihuahua to like other dogs?

A: Chihuahuas aren’t a lost cause when it comes to getting along with other dogs. Taking your Chi to walks is a good way for it to see and smell other canines. The more your Chihuahua gets accustomed to the presence of dogs, the more it will be easier for you to introduce another canine at home.


It could be hard to make a Chihuahua get along with other dogs, but it’s still possible. With the best companion dogs for Chihuahuas, you can help your pet welcome an addition to your household. It just takes training, early socialization, and patience to make it happen. Most of all, you should observe your dog’s personality to ensure that you’re using the right approach.

Are you raising a multi-canine household with a Chihuahua? How’s it going so far? Share your experience below!