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Chihuahua Female Names: Top Picks for Your Pup

Do you have a female Chihuahuas and do not know which name to give her basing on the way she behaves. Well, no need for that because we have put together a lineup of some of the adorable, rare and hot chihuahua female names just right here. 

So as to help you in your quest, we have gathered a range of names from cute and quirky all the way through funny and stylish – there is something on our list for everyone that will sum up perfectly what makes your little lady so special! So relax and get a snack as we take you through the list of top 25 names for your canine pet.

Key Takeaways

  • Selecting the appropriate name for your female Chihuahua is a task that can prove to be quite difficult, but also fun.
  • Some of the Chihuahua female names we would recommend for your pet are cute cunt unique common adorable humorous trendy and famous.
  • When naming your pooch, you should also keep in mind its personality and traits.
  • Read our professional advice from below and forget about the most popular mistakes to have your best name.
  • Stay away from using special names or appellations and concentrate on bringing into being information content that is more noteworthy.

Cute Chihuahua Names for Females

A nice and cool name can be a good choice for your small Chihuahua pup. Considering all of the above, we have created a list for cute names that will definitely make you love your pup even more! Whether you want a name after her adorable appearance or one that describes her appealing personality, we have provided an array of female Chihuahua names in terms of them being cute and beautiful.

  • Bella: Being Italian for beauty, this name does great justice to a Chihuahua female who is indeed visually striking.
  • Daisy: This happy and kindly name is ideal for a playful Chihuahua.
  • Honey: A lovely and heartwarming name suitable for a Chihuahua.
  • Luna: The name associated with angels and heavens is perfect for a female Chihuahua that has intensified playfulness in its adventurous spirit.
  • Minnie: Named after the famous Disney character, this name is suitable for a Chihuahua that’s petite and lovable.
  • Pixie: This magical name would be perfect for a lively Chihuahua.
  • Poppy: This happy flower name is ideal for a sunny-tempered Chihuahua.
  • Sweetie: Sweetie is the name that captures this tender, loveable feeling and it suits a female 
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Another thing is that whichever name you decide to pick, we guarantee 100% certainty your young and charming Chihuahua girl will bounce right off because of lovely looks.

Unique Chihuahua Names for Females

An original name can actually help your Chihuahua female to become special. We have picked from our best ones to ensure that your Chihuahua does not sound like any other by providing you with a creative one of a kind list.

BijouFrench for “jewel”
CassiusLatin for “clever”
EurydiceGreek for “wide justice”
FridaGerman for “peace”
KaidaJapanese for “little dragon”
LuminaLatin for “light”
NovellaItalian for “new”
PalomaSpanish for “dove”
RivaHebrew for “to bind”
ZariaSwahili for “princess”

Tips for Choosing a Unique Name:

  • Take inspiration from foreign languages.
  • Think of rare words that have a particular meaning to you.
  • Create a mash-up moniker by blending two words or names.
  • Think of some unique ideas along with your friends and family members.

However, you should always keep in mind that a good special name will reflect your personality and help her to stand out from others.

Popular Chihuahua Names for Females

chihuahua female names

Do you want a name which your Chihuahua female puppy will adore? Sign up with the thousands of Chihuahua owners out there who have gone for common names to give their loved pets such popular identification. These names are also not only familiar and easy to say, but they provide your puppy with a community identity.

Here are some popular Chihuahua female names to consider for your furry friend:

ChloeYoung green shoot
DaisyDay’s eye
CocoCocoa bean or coconut

Therefore whether you are of the essence to a traditional name or what something more fashionable, these popular names make excellent choices. However, make sure that you pick a name which matches the character and nature of your Chihuahua.

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Adorable Chihuahua Names for Females

There is no doubt that Chihuahuas are among the cutest dogs ever. So, why not name a female Chihuahua something cute? If you are on the search for a charming name that cannot get any more lovable, our gallery of delightful names created just in time to let you select one soon starts now.

BonitaBeautiful in Spanish
MinnieCute and petite, just like your pup!
PixieSmall and magical, like a fairy
BambiCute and deer-like
LuluShort and sweet
PeanutAdorable and tiny, like a little nut

Other cute names for your female Chihuahua may include Daisy, Coco, Bella or Gigi. But as you choose for her name, always think of the character and soul that she possesses. May her name perfectly represent the special and dear personality that defined who she was.

Funny Chihuahua Names for Females

A funny name would be suitable if your Chihuahua has a peculiar personality. Our compilation of funny and goofy Chihuahua dog names guarantee a giggle that will put a smile on your face each time you call out to them.

Here are some of our top picks:

Bark TwainA hilarious play on words for the famous author Mark Twain
Winnie the PoodleA clever nod to the beloved children’s character Winnie the Pooh
PicklesA funny name for a Chihuahua with a knack for mischief
ChewbarkaA Star Wars-inspired name that’s both funny and charming
Miss FurbulousA sassy and hilarious name for a fashion-forward Chihuahua

The above are only but a tip of examples that you can employ for your funny Chihuahua names. Use your imagination and name it something that truly represents the fun nature of your dog.

Trendy Chihuahua Names for Females

To be different from the rest, clone yourself a voice-making Chihuahua female with an excellent sense of style. Blend in with current mind popular lingo or maintain the streak of then. Below are some trendy chihuahua names you can choose from:

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ChanelAfter the luxury fashion brand, perfect for a little fashionista
AriaSleek and modern, this name means “air” in Italian and is trending among dog owners
HarperA name that has been gaining popularity, Harper means “harp player”
LunaA mystical name meaning “moon” in Spanish, perfect for a little wisp of a dog
WillowA nature-inspired name that has been growing in popularity for its simplicity and charm

Note: Remember that just like fashion, trends will change; therefore go for a time-proof name for your Chihuahua female!

Famous Chihuahua Names for Females

If you really want to highlight your chihuahua’s star quality, then there is no better way than giving him a name of some famous celebrity. Start with a title that will turn your pooch into a legend by borrowing from celebrities, films or TV shows.

LolaThe famous Chihuahua from Beverly Hills Chihuahua movies.
TotoThe beloved terrier from The Wizard of Oz.
AudreyInspired by Audrey Hepburn, a timeless Hollywood icon.
ChiquitaThe name of the animated Chihuahua mascot for the Chiquita banana brand.
ParisIn honor of the famous socialite and fashion icon, Paris Hilton.

Cute chihuahua names that are popular as well include Gidget, the Taco Bell Chihuahua, and Bruiser Woods, in Legally Blonde Elle Wood’s pet. No matter what name you go for, your pup is destined to be a star.

Naming Tips for Chihuahua Females

chihuahua female names

Selecting the right name for your Chihuahua girl can be a bit challenging, however it doesn’t need to. Here are some tips to help you make the right decision:

  1. Consider your pup’s personality: Does your Chihuahua have a lot of energy or is it not that active? Playful or calm? Picking up a name that suits your dog’s personality can even help her know and respond to it faster.
  2. Think about the length and sound of the name: Your pooch finds shorter names with two syllables easier to grasp and respond compared to longer ones that will confuse her even more. Moreover, repetitive noises or syllables in the names can also be quite baffling for your dog.
  3. Don’t be afraid to get creative: Due to the unique character of Chihuahuas, a dog owner should give this pet an individual name. You may as well choose a name for him based on his features or character peculiarities, gender specifics etc., something that has some semantic background and is meaningful to you.
  4. Avoid names with negative connotations: Some names can have a negative connotation and cause confusion or anxiety on the part of your Chihuahua. Never use names that even resemble common directives or words with negative meanings such as No and Bad.
  5. Make sure everyone in the household agrees: You should ensure that you engage all the family members in picking a name they like. With this in mind, you are sure to come up with the perfect name for your petite princess.
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Naming Your Chihuahua Female: Dos and Don’ts

It can be fun to name your Chihuahua female dog, but it is also very hard. Naming the ideal which will show its charism and suitability is a long process of meditation, yet worth it. But before let’s outline a short list of dos and don’ts to avoid some frequent mistakes made by many fur parents.

  • Do pick out a name that is suitable for the character and temperament of your Chihuahua. In case she is full of fire, such names as Sparky or Speed may also be suitable.
  • Do pay attention to the name’s length and pronunciation. Choose a name that would be easy for both you and your Chihuahua to learn and pronounce.
  • Do include your family in the naming process. This may thus be a family endeavor, where everyone feels part of the Chihuahua in their special way.
  • Avoid using a word that is nearly synonymous with popular commands such as ‘sit’ or ‘stay,’ which may interfere with your Chihuahua’s training.
  • Do not select a name that might be in bad taste or deemed inappropriate, and cause you some form of embarrassment when others see it.
  • Do not settle for a name that is used too many times or one that it sounds like everyone else has, as this will have the effect of making your Chihuahua lost in numbers instead of standing out amidst the crowd.

With these guides, you can get a name that will be fitting for your chihuahua and also meaningful to yourself. Just remember to relax and have fun in naming your new buddy.

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Example Naming Table

If you’re still struggling for inspiration, you can consider the following Chihuahua female names:

BellaBeautiful in Italian. Perfect for your stunning Chihuahua female.
LolaA name of Spanish origin that means “lady of sorrows.” Lola is a perfect name for a loving Chihuahua.
DaisyA name of English origin, which means “day’s eye.” It’s a perfect name for a Chihuahua that brings sunshine into your life.
LucyA name derived from Latin, meaning “light.” Lucy is a great name for a Chihuahua female that loves to play and is always bright and cheerful.
ChloeA name with Greek origin, meaning “blooming.” It’s a great name for a Chihuahua that brings happiness and joy into your life.

Discover the right name that matches your Chihuahua’s heart and enjoy every second with this little pet.

Selecting the right name for a female Chihuahua dog

It can be really tough but fun to choose a name for your female Chihuahua. You need a name that is in the nature of her character. The following are some of the best tips you can use to get a perfect name that your puppy will like.

Consider her personality

Spend time getting a look at your Chihuahua’s behavior and mood. Is she playful or calm? Shy or outgoing? When naming your dog keeping in mind her character makes the relationship between you and that puppy much better.

Think about the meaning

Perhaps a name that means something to you or to symbolize your Chihuahua’s breeders can be considered. For instance, you could select a name that implies small or has reference to Mexico as it is believed Chihuahua originates from this region.

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Get inspired by her looks

Perhaps your Chihuahua has a unique characteristic or color that distinguishes her. You can opt for a name that describes her look, such as Cinnamon or Cocoa if you are getting an infant Chihuahua with brownish coloration.

Select a name that you adore

In conclusion, the name that you allocate your Chihuahua female should be one a of doing it with love and enjoy calling her. Do not hesitate to become creative or select a lovely sounding name, even if it is something unique. Your Chihuahua will adore it only because she knows you gave her that.

But keep in mind that the name for a Chihuahua will remain with it throughout its life, so choose one suitable to her individual personality which you enjoy saying.

Found the Perfect Name for Your Female Chihuahua?

This concludes our guide to Chihuahua female names. We believe our well-selected list of names has set you into the path for finding your little princess a name. Do not forget to calculate the temperament and nature of your Chihuahua as well while selecting one.

Naming a pet Chihuahua is an important moment in time as dogs of this breed are small and lend character to its surroundings. Some of the names given to such precious are linked with their size and others describe them as spirited. From Coco to Peanut, every name adds a loving icon of dedication between proprietor and pint-sized pal.

Remember to evaluate our professional idea naming hints and do’s & don’ts in order to be directed properly. And, in advance of committing to your final choice; ensure the name is pronounceable and it stimulates lively interest and whether unique.

So, after you find the one which suits her best, your chihuahua female will give way to a special nickname that reflects her character and fills your heart with joy each time she runs up. Happy naming!

Frequently Asked Question

What are some adorable girl chihuahua names?

Some adorable female chihuahua names are Bella, Daisy, Lola, Lucy and Rosie.

Can you recommend special names?

Absolutely! What about Coco, Luna. Nala Piper or Willow? These names will definitely make your chihuahua unique.

What are common names for a female chihuahua?

The popular names for female chihuahuas are Chloe, Maggie, Princess Sadie and Sophie.

Do you have names for a female chihuahua?

Of course! Some of the sweetest chihuahua names for a girl are Honey, Penny, Sugar and Sweetie just to name but others, Teddy.

What are your most humorous female chihuahua names?

Certainly! What if you choose Biscuit, Muffin, Pickles or Snickers and Waffles? These names are bound to light up your mood.

Which names are popular for female Chihuahuas?

Some of the popular names for female chihuahuas are Coco, Harper, Luna, Stella, and Zoey. These names are fashionable and contemporary.

What are the famous chihuahua names for females that you can propose?

Absolutely! Gidget (from the Taco Bell commercials), Tinkerbell Paris Hilton’s chihuahua, and Bruiser from legibly blonde are also famous Chihuahuas names for such female animals.

Any recommendations regarding the naming of a female Chihuahua?

When you are christening a female Chihuahua, and then name her with something associated with his qualities. It is also necessary to select a name that you like and one which will bring joy every day when calling it out.

Some of the Chihuahua female naming dos and don’ts include

Think of what the name means and how it sounds. Avoid selecting a name that is too long or one which people would find it difficult to pronounce.

What the best name I can give to my Chihuahua female?

When selecting the right name for your Chihuahua girl, take into account her personal traits and looks along with things that make you happy. It is also possible to experiment with different names and then simply pick the one that sounds fine.