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Do Chihuahuas Burrow Under Blankets?

Have you ever become confused as to why Chihuahuas want to snuggle beneath the blankets with their owners? Do Chihuahuas Burrow Under Blankets? If you answered yes, then this section has all of the answers you need! 

Chihuahuas have a lot going for them, and they are pretty intelligent. They’re adorable, like to be cuddled, and have a fun, lively disposition. On the other hand, Chi’s parents may get worried about their dogs’ disappearance from the house from time to time. Only to discover their pets huddled together beneath blankets or coverings. 

Burrowing is such a frequent occurrence among Chihuahuas that many owners turn to the internet to figure out what is causing them to do it. This article will answer all of your questions regarding your furball’s newfound interest in blankets and other coverings. 

Why Do Chihuahuas Burrow in the First Place? 

You’ll have to take a tour down memory lane to fully comprehend why your canine prefers to burrow and hide in confined places. According to legend, your furbaby’s wolf ancestors used to survive in the wild since humans hadn’t yet mastered the technique of domestication. 

These wolves had all of the characteristics of a predator, including the urge to survive in the wild. As a result, if another animal threatened the wolves, it was natural for them to take refuge in tight corners – where they would be secure. It was also natural for these creatures to seek out tunnels or small burrows in the ground to spend the night in, to keep themselves safe from oncoming predators. 

The passion that modern-day dogs have for burrowing beneath coverings and blankets, according to pet experts, gave down to them by their forefathers. Even though Chihuahuas are known for their burrowing tendency, other dogs will exhibit the same behavior if the proper conditions are present. 

The next time you see a dog wrapped up in blankets, you may be sure that your pet isn’t acting unusually. 

6 Reason Why Do Chihuahuas Burrow Under Blankets??

We’ve solved the riddle of what causes Chihuahuas to curl up beneath the blankets, but what about the particular reasons for their behavior? Don’t be concerned; that is precisely what this section is about. To help you understand why chihuahuas prefer to bury themselves beneath blankets, we’ve collected six of the most common explanations. Here are the six reasons: 

1. Getting a Feeling of the Chill 

Some canines are withstand the rigors of winter. On the other hand, Chihuahuas, descend from the old Aztec empire, are not well-suited to dealing with freezing weather. They cannot endure temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit due to a lack of body fat and fur. And it’s for this reason, one of the most frequent causes for burrowing among Chis is a sense of being chilly. 

The likelihood is that your canine companion is having difficulty keeping its body heat if you find them hiding beneath the blankets all of the time throughout the cold. If you want to assist your Chihuahua to survive the cold, consider investing in some weather-appropriate canine clothing. 

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2. Anxiety

It’s no secret that Chihuahuas have a terrible reputation when it comes to being anxious. Because of their super-sonic metabolism, they are naturally a little on the edgy side. Consider the fact that it is often much too simple for your pet to get nervous or frightened, and you will understand why Chis prefers to burrow to fend off anxiety and fear. 

Take, for example, the situation when you have fireworks going off or a loud party going on in your house. It shouldn’t surprise you if you find your pet cuddled up beneath the blanket, attempting to soothe its anxieties. 

3. Getting Ready to Take a Nap 

Have you ever cast and turned in your bed, attempting to find the most comfortable position to help you sleep? If you answered yes, you wouldn’t have any difficulty thinking that Chis like burrowing beneath blankets while they’re getting ready to take asleep. Just your furbaby’s way of unwinding before a well-deserved nap fest. 

4. Cuddle-Atmosphere 

You will not find a better canine friend than the Chihuahua if you search for a bit of companion. Despite their small size, these tiny fluff balls develop a strong emotional connection with their owners and are not hesitant to express their affection.

6. Habit

You may find your Chi hiding beneath the blankets regularly, not because it enjoys being there, but because it has established a habit of digging in that location. When it comes to dogs, they are creatures of habit, and once they find something they enjoy, they prefer to stay with it. If your Chihuahua has a blanket hugger for some time, it is most likely burrowing simply because it has been used to doing so.

What is the safety of allowing Chihuahuas to burrow under covers? 

Dogs, on the whole, are pretty self-sufficient creatures. Consequently, if your dog becomes hot or out of air while remaining beneath coverings or blankets, it will wriggle its way out of the predicament on its initiative. However, if your cloak is too thick or if your Chihuahua is in a profound slumber, it is not a good idea to allow your dog to remain beneath the covers for an extended period. 

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If you’ve done everything to keep your furball from cuddling beneath blankets without much success, you may attempt one of two alternatives. One, when you’re not using your blanket, fold it up so that your pet doesn’t have something to dig under it when you are. Two, you can satisfy your Chi’s fondness for exploring by purchasing a blanket that is suitable in size for your dog’s build and using it to keep him warm. Also, be sure that whatever blanket you choose is made of a porous material so that there is no risk of suffocating when sleeping. 

If your Chihuahua burrows, should you encourage him to continue? 

If your dog burrows outdoors in the yard, you should consider putting a stop to the habit. Burrowing and digging in the dirt may introduce germs into your home as well as muck up your yard. 

If your Chihuahua burrows into its bed or blanket, on the other hand, it is acceptable to let it continue with the habit. Finally, digging for food is a natural urge for dogs, and you should not try to prevent them from fulfilling that desire in their backyards. 

As long as your pet’s digging helps it form its bed into a shape that makes it feel more comfortable and secure, there is no need to discourage your pet from burrowing. 

When your pet’s requirements are satisfy, the burrowing will often come to an end on its own. Naturally, as a dog owner, you must provide your pet with a sense of safety and well-being. 

Prevention Methods for Excessive Burrowing

Having determined the reasons behind Chihuahuas’ burrowing habit, we will now consider methods for preventing this behavior. These include: 

✔️ Participate in physical activity 

A weary Chihuahua is a happier and healthier Chihuahua, and we don’t only mean in terms of its physical health, but also terms of its mental health, as we have discovered. 

Digging and burrowing are often use by pets to communicate their boredom to their owners. With regular physical activity, your Chihuahua will get tire and have less energy to engage in undesirable behavior. 

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Adding two small exercise sessions, such as a game of fetch or a short walk around the block, can help keep your Chi in good health and happiness. 

✔️ Stimulation of the mind 

Chihuahuas are known to engage in digging and burrowing when they are not provide sufficient mental incentive. 

Remember, this is a bright bulb dog breed that needs plenty of cerebral stimulation to keep those feel-good endorphins flowing through its veins and to keep its mind sharp. 

Provide your pet with various toys, reward dispensers, puzzles, and other activities to keep it intellectually engaged and energized throughout the day. 

Also, buy some dog puzzles and fill them with goodies, and your pet will quickly forget about digging in the ground. 

✔️ A healthy diet 

All dogs require a nutritious and healthy diet to maintain their health and well-being at their best. 

Provide your Chihuahua with a well-balanced diet that includes proteins, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals, among other nutrients. Keep the condition and happiness of your pet. 

✔️ Provide it with a pleasant sleeping environment. 

The most effective method of bringing your Chihuahua’s digging from the outside to the inside is to provide it with a comfy bed. 

Choose a bed that is comfortable to get into that offers a secure, safe, and warm environment for your Chi, and that is also simple to clean. 

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Search for self-heating beds since Chihuahuas tend to get chilly very fast, and older dogs are more prone to patellar luxation than younger dogs. 

✔️ Pay attention to your Chihuahua and give it what it wants. 

Often, a dog’s burrowing habit is caused by neglect, such as leave alone at home all day or not receiving the attention it needs, or it may just be boring. 

When a Chihuahua puppy does not get enough care from its ‘parent,’ they are more inclined to dig and burrow. 

Make time for your pet, including playing with it, feeding it, washing it, and comb it. Take your pet for walks or to the mall in a particular carrier or on a leash and harness to keep it safe and secure. 

You will be less likely to see your pet engage in inappropriate conduct if you provide it with the attention it wants. 

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✔️ Identify and eliminate anxiety and stress causes. 

Every dog owner must ensure that their dogs are keep in a safe and secure environment. This is particularly true for tiny dog breeds such as the teacup Chihuahua, the dachshund, and other similar types since their small stature makes them more susceptible to worry and stress. 

Sound-proof windows and doors may help to minimize anxiety-inducing stimuli in the home. This will assist in reducing outside sounds, which will be particularly beneficial during thunderstorms, fireworks, and other events. 

Maintain a secure and peaceful atmosphere for your friend while adhering strictly to the plan and routine established for them. 

✔️ Provide it with a cage or kennel. 

A cage or kennel is precisely what a nervous Chihuahua needs to feel safe and secure. Chis feel more comfortable and safer in crates and dog kennels since they have covered roofs and have tiny confined areas. 

From the time your Chihuahua is a puppy, teach them to utilize the crate.

✔️ Desensitize your pet’s system 

You must also desensitize your Chihuahua to loud sounds, fireworks, thunder, and even leave alone for extend periods if you want to decrease the burrowing habit in your pet. 

Special desensitization CDs are now available on the market for purchase. They play loud noises such as fireworks and thunder, and your pet quickly becomes used to them and does not respond to them. 

The digging and burrowing will likewise come to an end with time. 

✔️ Make use of relaxing snacks and supplements. 

Particular soothing vitamins may help you to relax and quiet your pet. 

Excess barking, weeping, whining, burrowing and may prevent other behaviors caused by anxiety and stress by using hemp and CBD oil treats and supplements to calm your nervous dog’s nerves. 

✔️ Reduce the number of periods you have to alter your routine. 

Maintaining a consistent schedule for your Chihuahua is an essential part of keeping him stress-free. Reduce the number of times your routine varies and stick to a tight schedule for naps, meals, and exercise. 

A stress-free environment with a consistent schedule may help your dog feel more relaxed and happy. 

✔️ Keep it as warm as possible. 

Because Chihuahuas are know to burrow under a blanket when they are chilly, you may want to give your pet some specific clothes to keep him warm at night while you are sleeping. 

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✔️ Have your Chihuahua spayed or neutered? 

By spaying your female Chihuahua at the appropriate age, you may prevent her from digging. Pseudo-pregnancies will avoid as a result of this. 

The early neutering of your male Chihuahua may be beneficial to both of you since it helps minimize hormonal fluctuations and sexual dissatisfaction when there is a bitch in heat around. 

✔️ Rule out the possibility of underlying illnesses. 

If none of the suggestions above successfully halt burrowing, please see your veterinarian or a canine behavior expert. 

Obsessive burrowing is often caused by a medical condition that is not readily apparent. The burrowing will cease as soon as you begin the proper therapy for your situation.

Is it good for my Chihuahua to sleep in the bed with me at night? 

When your Chihuahua sleeps beneath the blankets, it’s an absolutely beautiful sight to see! Naturally, as a dog owner, you’d be concerned about the safety of your pet in this situation. 

Chihuahuas, like other terriers and tiny breeds, like curling up beneath a duvet or blanket. Their wild predecessors did the same thing since tunnels, dens, caverns, and holes protected them from predators in the wild. 

Yes, it is fine to let your Chi lie beneath the blankets since doing so makes your pet feel more secure, stress-free, and content. 

It is also possible that your pet may crawl beneath the blankets for warmth, and as long as it intuitively recognizes when it has to come out because it is oxygen-starved, you need not be concerned about your pet’s safety. 

If your Chihuahua has been digging for many years, suddenly prohibiting it from doing so will not be the right thing to do. That would make your pet more confused. 

If you are concerned that your companion will get hot or be oxygen-starved, you may use lighter blankets and comforters. 


Q: What is it about certain dogs that makes them want to crawl beneath blankets? 

The charming habit of sleeping under the covers or burrowing under blankets that your dog has is a natural inclination, similar to that of moles and groundhogs, and may find in the majority of dogs. It derives from their forefathers and foremothers born and reared in dens, a mammal’s haven. 

Q: What are the reasons why dogs should not be allowed to lie on your bed? 

Close contact with dogs for an extended period exposes individuals to pet dander, which may cause respiratory problems. However, even individuals who do not have pet allergies may experience increased allergy symptoms when they share a bed with Fido. As soon as dogs walk outdoors to go pee, dust and pollen stick to their hair, aggravating human allergies in the process. 

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Q: Is it unsanitary to let your dog lie on your bed with you? 

Even though you are not sensitive to pet dander, dogs are known to take up and transport other allergens, such as grass and pollen, which may aggravate allergy symptoms. Allowing their dog into their bedroom, let alone their bed, may not be the best choice for those who suffer from allergies. 

Q: What is it with dogs that cause them to want to curl up beneath the covers? 

Being in a den or cave-like environment may give them a feeling of comfort and security. Dogs that like to curl up beneath the blankets may be a frequent sight in specific households. Dogs may also choose to get under the blankets with their owners because they appreciate the warmth and camaraderie that comes with being cuddled up close to their “human family.” 

Q: Is it good for my dog to sleep with me beneath my weighted blanket? 

The answer is a resounding yes! Use of a weighted blanket with your pet is entirely permissible; however, you should use caution in the case of a small-to-medium-sized dog or cat, who should not be allowed to bury themself completely beneath the blanket. Aside from that, weighted blankets may be a fantastic method to assist them in alleviating their anxiety, just as they can be an excellent way for us to relieve ours. 

Final Words

That’s all. We’ve followed through on our pledge to dog our fascination with burrowing beneath blankets. And, for the time being, we can only hope that your curiosity has been satiated. There are a variety of reasons for your Chihuahua to want to snuggle on your lap.

Undercovers. But it’s still constantly better to stay alert and continue looking at your pet while it’s sleeping under your blanket.