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Escape Proof Harness for Chihuahua: Top 6

Does your chihuahua escape from their harness a lot? Are you worried about your chihuahua running off on you? If so, you’ll need a reliable escape proof harness for chihuahua. Chihuahuas are notorious for being escape artist dogs, so having a secure hold on them is crucial. 

I’ve searched and tested over 20 harnesses to showcase the six best every chi owner must consider. With these, you’ll be able to walk your chi outdoors without worrying again!

 Our Top Pick! 
RUFFWEAR (Multi-Use) Support Escape Proof Dog Harness
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ThinkPet (No Pull) Breathable Sport Escape Proof Dog Harness Check Price
ICEFANG Tactical Escape Proof Dog Harness Check Price
Metric USA (Comfort Fit) Step in Escape Proof Dog Harness Check Price
Albcorp (Service Dog) Escape Proof Vest Dog Harness Check Price
EcoBark Classic Escape Proof Dog Harness Check Price

What’s the Best Escape Proof Harness for Chihuahua?


OUR TOP PICK: RUFFWEAR (Multi-Use) Support Escape Proof Dog Harness

Product Name: RUFFWEAR (Multi-Use) Support Escape Proof Dog Harness

Product Description: A reliable escape proof harness for chihuahua you can rely on is Ruffwear's Support Dog Harness. It's a secure and flexible harness designed for guiding chihuahuas through obstacles. And it comes with three straps encircling your chi's chest while the other two go between their legs. Moreover, it has an additional belly strap for added security. The harness remains secure in your chihuahua's tiny body, thanks to these extra straps. So, no matter how much your chi wriggles, getting out of the harness is next to impossible. Aside from that, the straps make it easy to put on and remove the harness from your chihuahua. Security aside, the harness also promotes better comfort for chis due to its padding. It offers stable support without hindering your chihuahua's range of motion. The only downside is that the harness doesn't come with a front attachment point. Still, the three extra straps make up for it, so this shouldn't deter you as much. Overall, Ruffwear's Support Dog Harness is one of the most secure options for chis. It's an excellent collar alternative, ideal for all uses!

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Security
  • Durability
  • Fit
  • Value for money


ThinkPet (No Pull) Breathable Sport Escape Proof Dog Harness

THINKPET escape proof harness for chihuahua (product 2)

Are you looking for a feature-packed yet affordable escape-proof harness for your chihuahua? Look no further than ThinkPet’s (No Pull) Sport Dog Harness.

It has a tactical-light design with a handle. And the harness has two “no pull” metal lash D-rings for a secure fit. Aside from that, it also comes with two clips, the back for daily walks and the other for training. Finally, the padded handle gives you better control over your chi. These help you stop tugging and pulling whenever on a walk with your chihuahua.

No pull features aside, this escape-proof harness is also incredibly durable! It’s made from quality nylon, ensuring sturdiness while maintaining breathability. And to make it more convenient for you, the harness uses quick snap buckles for easy don and doff. Thanks to its lock design feature, you don’t need to worry about your chi escaping.

Also adding to the harness’s comfortability is its additional layer of soft mesh. It makes it more breathable, promoting better skin ventilation and overall comfort.

Finally, the harness comes with a reflective design for added safety. It has fluorescent straps, increasing your chihuahua’s visibility in low-light conditions. As a result, you can confidently walk your chi any time of the day!

You can get this escape-proof harness in 19 colors, available in sizes XS to S, perfect for chihuahuas.

  • Durable build.
  • It is affordable.
  • This harness has a “no pulling” feature, stopping any chihuahua’s pulling.
  • It has a lightweight design.
  • Available in 19 colors.
  • Some users had complained about sizing issues. Anyway, you can always size down for a better fit.

ICEFANG Tactical Escape Proof Dog Harness

ICE FANG (product 3)

When durability meets security, you get ICEFANG’s Tactical Escape Proof Dog Harness. It’s the perfect pick for adventurous owners who bring their chihuahuas everywhere! This harness can keep your chi secure from casual walks to hardcore trekking. 

This harness has a military-design style that keeps even the most energetic chis in place. Its half-body design offers more coverage than most harnesses for chihuahuas. Aside from that, it comes with two metal buckles that stop your chihuahua from escaping. 

Moreover, the harness comes with several attachment points for your convenience. It has five adjust points, including ones for your chi’s chest and back for a better and secure fit. What’s more, it comes with Velcro sections for added attachments! 

Security aside, this harness has a no pull or safety control feature. You can connect it to a leash via its no-pull front clip, redirecting your chihuahua. That means you’ll be able to control your chi’s tugging and pulling with little effort. So, not only will you be able to have more control, but you’ll also be able to ensure your chi walks beside you! 

Also, you don’t need to worry about it breaking off after a few uses. After all, this harness uses heavy-duty components, from the metal buckles to the product itself! It’s meant to last for years, even with constant use and abuse. 

Overall, ICEFANG is the perfect harness for adventurous chihuahuas. It keeps your chi secure and ready for just about any venture! 

  • It offers an excellent fit.
  • Its velcro patches ensure added security.
  • Its handle provides owners with better control over their chihuahuas.
  • The harness comes with front and back leash attachment points.
  • Durable build.
  • It is heavy.
  • It is pricy.
  • The buckles might be too big for chihuahuas.

Metric USA (Comfort Fit) Step in Escape Proof Dog Harness

METRIC USA (product 4)

If you’re struggling to find a harness that would fit your tiny chi, Metric USA can help! The brand’s Comfort Fit Dog Harness is one of the best picks for small dogs. It comes in sizes S to XS, accommodating even the tiniest chis.

But what makes Metric USA’s comfort fit harness one-of-a-kind is its use of metric 66 material. It provides a hugging effect to your chihuahua, ensuring a comfy and perfect fit! Aside from that, this also reduces your chi’s tension and stress when outside. Moreover, this harness comes with padded areas to decrease the strain further.

So, no matter how much your chihuahua pulls and tugs, the harness will remain in place. And you don’t have to worry about it slipping off and hurting your chi!

Size and comfort aside, this harness has a step-in design and a fast-release buckle. That means you can don and doff it off your chihuahua without issues! And there’s no need to worry about your chi escaping due to this harness’s reinforced D-rings. It keeps the product intact and your chihuahua in place.

But what I liked the most about this harness is it’s incredibly lightweight. After all, our chihuahuas are fragile and tiny dogs, so this feature was a welcome sight! It kept my chi under control, preventing them from running off without making them uncomfortable.

You can get this harness in 10 different designs and colors.

  • Lightweight.
  • This harness used D-ring for added safety.
  • Available in 10 colors and designs.
  • It ensures a comfortable fit.
  • Breathable.
  • It isn’t very durable.
  • It is pricy.

Albcorp (Service Dog) Escape Proof Vest Dog Harness

ALBCORP escape proof harness for chihuahua (product 5)

The Albcorp (Service Dog) Vest Dog Harness ensures your chi stays in place while showing others they’re there to assist you.

Despite their small size, chihuahuas can be service dogs too! Whether for emotional or physical support, these dogs are more capable than you think. And what better way to show others than getting an escape-proof harness? This harness from Albcorp ensures a secure fit and a clear message.

It’s available in sizes S to XS, ideal for even the tiniest chihuahuas. And you can get this in seven styles and colors, each with the hard-to-miss “SERVICE DOG” label. This way, you can stop your chi from escaping and ensure that others know that your dog is there to help you.

Besides the patches, this harness becomes more visible thanks to its reflective stitching. With this, you don’t have to worry about losing your chihuahua even in low-light conditions!

Size and visibility aside, this harness is also incredibly tough! It’s woven from robust nylon and polyester, ensuring long-lasting use. Aside from that, it also has a durable handle and D-rings, holding the attached leash or ID tags in place.

Finally, as bulky as the harness looks, it’s lightweight and shouldn’t hinder your chi. It has a soft padding for non-chafe cushioning, keeping your chihuahua comfortable.

  • This harness has reflective stitching for added visibility.
  • It comes with two patches labeled “service dog.”
  • It’s lightweight.
  • The harness uses soft padding for improved comfort.
  • It is available in XXS for extra-small chihuahuas.
  • It is pricy.

EcoBark Classic Escape Proof Dog Harness

ECOBARK (product 6)

My last pick for the best escape-proof chihuahua harness is EcoBark’s Classic Dog Harness. It’s a specially-crafted harness for chihuahuas and other small dogs.

This harness is entirely escape-proof due to its snug yet comfortable. It’s made to sit higher than other harnesses, making it more challenging for your chi to escape. And you don’t need to worry about hurting your dog as this harness ensures not to constrict your chi’s throat.

What’s more, it uses the highest standard of safety buckles. As a result, the harness stays intact while ensuring utmost safety. And adding more to the harness’s security is its anti-rub and hypoallergenic technology. These protect your chi from chaffing due to the harness straps rubbing on their legs or chest.

Moreover, the harness uses a double layer of mesh fabric, ensuring durability. With this, it should be able to withstand any activity, whether it’s walking or hiking. Aside from that, using mesh fabric promotes improved comfort for your chi. It promotes better breathability no matter how intense the activity!

But what I adored about this harness is that it’s eco-friendly! Its straps come from recycled water bottles. With this, you can prevent your chi from running off while saving the environment.

You can get this harness in 17 colors, available in sizes XS to S, perfect for chihuahuas.

  • Available in 17 colors.
  • Eco-friendly design.
  • Its straps are made from recycled water bottles.
  • This harness ensures maximum security.
  • It comes with several attachment points.
  • It isn’t very durable.
  • It is pricy.

How to Choose an Escape Proof Harness for Chihuahua?

When looking for an escape-proof harness for chihuahuas, you must look into some key features. After all, these tiny dogs are notorious for running off and wriggling out of harnesses! So, to get a quality harness perfect for your chi, watch out for the following:

🦮 Material Quality

Harnesses should be able to keep up with your chihuahua’s pulling, tugging, and running. You wouldn’t want to buy something that breaks after your chi’s first escape attempt! So, the harness should be able to take your chihuahua’s chewing and the harsh outdoor elements.

Generally, top-quality nylon and leather harnesses should last you the longest. But you may also consider other pliable or sturdy materials like faux leather.

🦮 Attachment Points

You can discourage your chihuahua from escaping via attachment points. And these are where you attach your chi’s leash. 

Where you connect the leash matters. For instance, you gain more control when you attach the leash in front of your chihuahua’s chest. You can pull your chi to the side and throw their balance off, which is handy in stopping escape attempts.

Meanwhile, if you attach the leash to your chihuahua’s back, expect them to make a sled-dog impression. And this is incredibly useful when walking uphill or you want your chi to be the one pulling you. 

🦮 Adjustment Points

The main culprit behind most chihuahuas’ escapes is an improper fit. If it’s too loose, your chi might wiggle out of the harness without much effort. But it can be challenging to find a perfect-fitting harness for chihuahuas due to their tiny size. Luckily, you have adjustment points to help you. These let you fine-tune the product to fit your chi perfectly. 

Adjustment points help you adjust the straps at different locations, ensuring a snug yet comfy fit!

🦮 Secure and Durable Connectors

Different dog harness brands use varying connectors on their products. But regardless of the design, you must ensure the harness’s connectors are secure. After all, secure and durable connectors provide added security ideal for escape-prone chis!

Although these are often more challenging to work on, it’s worth it for your chi’s security. 

🦮 Visibility

Since chihuahuas are tiny dogs that are tough to see, you must ensure they’re always visible! That’s why visibility is a crucial feature in harnesses for chihuahuas. I recommend finding a harness with reflective materials, whether stitching or patches. These significantly boost your chi’s visibility even in low-light conditions.

If you’ve found a harness without these visibility features, you can always get a clip-on LED light. It increases your chihuahua’s visibility while keeping them in place.

🦮 Handles

You can make bringing your chihuahua outside easier by choosing a harness with a handle. After all, handles provide chi owners with more control of their dogs. So, whenever your chihuahua darts off, you can always grab them without hurting them. 

Aside from that, built-in handles allow you to grab your chi closer if you spot stimuli that trigger their escapes! For instance, you can get your chihuahua before they chase after a squirrel or other dogs outdoors.

🦮 Padding

Although padding in harnesses isn’t the most crucial feature for chihuahuas, it’s worth considering. After all, it provides improved comfort to your chi while preventing damage to their skin or coat. Some may have full padding, while others only come with chest padding. Either way, it’s best to consider harnesses with some padding for your chi’s comfort.

5 Easy Steps to Harness Train Your Chihuahua

chihuahua with a harness walking on grass

If it’s your chihuahua’s first time wearing a harness, you’ll need to have them get used to it first. So, grab the harness and your chi’s favorite treats and follow these steps: 

1️⃣ Attach your chihuahua’s dog tag to the harness.

Attaching a dog tag to the harness prevents your chi from getting lost while training. I recommend doing this if it’s your chihuahua’s first time using a harness, as these dogs tend to run away on impulse. So, don’t get surprised if your chihuahua bolts off during training!

2️⃣ Introduce the harness to your chihuahua.

It’s your mission to help your chihuahua get used to the harness. Remember to be patient when introducing your dog to it during the initial few days. You can start by keeping the harness where your chihuahua can get glimpses of it. Give your chi some time to smell or play with it. 

You may speed up the process by placing the harness in your hand and letting your chi get it from you. It’s best to make the harness training fun-filled to help your chihuahua become more comfortable around the harness. And what better way to make it more fun than giving your chi their favorite treats?

Giving your chihuahua treats whenever they successfully interact with the harness helps reinforce their connection with the tool. It makes the entire process smoother and more manageable. 

I recommend doing this step repeatedly until your chi starts to accept the harness. There’s no time limit to this, as each chihuahua reacts differently.

3️⃣ Put the harness on your chihuahua.

Once your chihuahua has become accustomed to the harness, put it on them. But don’t do it immediately as this might startle your chi! So, don’t put your efforts to waste by introducing the harness slowly. I recommend starting by using the harness to touch your chihuahua’s fur. And if your chi reacts positively, start putting it on your dog’s body.

It’s best to start placing the harness on your chihuahua through their chest. This way, your chi can see what you’re doing and make them more relaxed. But if your chihuahua tries moving back or completely rejects the harness, stop. Never force the tool on your chi. Instead, please do it again from the top!

But once you’ve placed the harness on your chihuahua, ensure it’s comfortable on your chi’s skin.

4️⃣ Attach the leash to the harness.

When successfully placing the harness on your chihuahua, it’s time to attach the leash. It’s best to tap the attachment point on the harness to let your chi know something’s supposed to be there. Once you’ve convinced your chihuahua, attach the leash but keep it loose. 

After, let your chihuahua walk up to you while wearing the harness with the leash. And whenever your chi comes close to you, give them a treat! Then go further away from your chihuahua until they’ve gotten used to walking with the harness and leash. 

5️⃣ Go outdoors.

Once you’re confident your chi can walk with a harness and leash, it’s time to take things outside! Take your chihuahua out for a walk with those on and start shuffling in short distances. You can extend this in small increments until your chihuahua gets accustomed to the harness and leash.

When your chihuahua pulls on the leas, don’t move! Doing so allows you to show your chi that such behavior isn’t acceptable. It discourages your chihuahua from pulling and tugging in the future. Never jerk on the leash or drag your chihuahua along, as this may scare or injure them. 

Remember that harness training a chihuahua won’t yield immediate results! Chis, are incredibly stubborn, so expect your dog to resist wearing the harness for some time. So, keep repeating the steps mentioned until your chihuahua becomes comfortable.

How to Stop My Chihuahua From Escaping From Their Harness?

You can reinforce the escape-proof harnesses and stop your chihuahua from running off with these proven tips: 

✔️ Add a T-Shirt Underneath the Harness

You can enforce a more snug fit by adding a doggy t-shirt underneath your chi’s harness. It stops your chihuahua from slipping off the tool completely. You can cut a slit in the t-shirt to attach the leash more conveniently to the harness. But beware, this doesn’t work for all chihuahuas! Still, it’s worth the try. 

✔️ Collar + Harness Combo 

One of the most efficient ways to stop your chihuahua from slipping off its harness is by using a collar. Adding one to the mix ensures your chihuahua stays connected to the leash. You can use a carabiner to attach the collar to the harness. And you can connect these two to the leash without effort. 

Alternatively, you may use a zip tie if carabiners are too hefty for your chihuahua. These might be flimsy, but it works for short or casual walks. But the downside is you must cut it off each time you use the collar and harness. 

✔️ Ensure a Snug Fit

Ensuring a snug fit is an efficient way to prevent your chihuahua from escaping. I recommend taking advantage of the added straps that most quality harnesses have. Use these to adjust the fit to your chi, making it impossible for them to run off!

✔️ Put the Harness Around Your Chihuahua While Standing

Placing the harness around your chi when they’re standing instead of sitting helps you fit it better. It’ll help you adjust the tool to accommodate your chihuahua’s chest more. This way, escaping from the harness should be next to impossible!

✔️ Tighten the Straps and Loops

Tightening the straps and loops is an obvious way to prevent your chihuahua from slipping off its harness. It ensures your chihuahua stays secure. They should be tight enough that you can only barely fit two of your fingers between it and your chi! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should chihuahuas wear a harness or a lead?

A: Harnesses are better for toy dog breeds like chihuahuas as they’re safer and more secure. They fit better on these tiny dogs, providing them with extra support. Besides that, harnesses offer more control for owners, preventing their chis from running off. Pair one with a reliable leash, and your chihuahua won’t be escaping anytime soon!

Q: Why does my chihuahua’s harness keep falling to the side?

A: Your chihuahua’s harness might be falling off to the sides due to an incorrect fit. Ill-fitting harnesses aren’t always noticeable. Still, it pays to know the signs of wrong sizings, such as rashes or chaffing on your chi’s coat. If you’re dealing with this, clip the leash on the top of its back or at the front. 

Q: What harness size does a chihuahua need?

A: Since chihuahuas are toy dog breeds, they often wear the smallest size. Generally, chihuahuas should wear sizes S, XS, or XXS. Still, it depends on the harness brand and their size charts. After all, they’re all different!

Q: How do I get my chihuahua to stop pulling on the harness and leash?

A: Every time your chihuahua pulls on their harness and leash, stop and stand still. It would be best to wait for your chi to see you’ve halted in your tracks. That way, your chihuahua will eventually need to stop since they’ll run out of leash.

Q: Does an escape proof harness for chihuahua work?

A: As long as they’re sturdy and have the right fit, escape-proof dog harnesses should work on chis. Even the wriggliest chihuahuas won’t be able to make these budge off. After all, they have outstanding support, reducing their chances of escaping. 

Final Words

Finding a proper escape proof harness for chihuahua is crucial as these tiny dogs love to run off! Choosing any of the listed harnesses will guarantee you complete control over your chi whenever outside. With this, you never need to worry about your pup running off. And all you must do now is find the best one to turn your typical chasing game with your chihuahua into an ideal walk at the park!

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