The Best 7 Comfy Winter Coats for Chihuahuas

Chihuahua winter jackets are designed to keep your Chihuahua comfortable in inclement weather. And because of their tiny bodies are prone to being quite chilly in even the smallest temperature decreases. So warm and snug coats for chihuahuas is the ideal go-to when the climate isn’t cooperating outdoors and will keep your Chihuahua cozy. 

Although their objective is to keep your Chihuahua warm, they are nonetheless lovely while sporting these jackets. Dress them appropriately since chilly weather may be detrimental for little pets like chihuahuas.

Reasonings Why Chihuahuas Wear Winter Clothing

✔️To keep Chihuahuas Comfortable

Chihuahuas are the tiniest dog breed in the world. Chihuahuas are easily chilled due to their small size and thin skin. So it’s no surprise that they shiver more readily than bigger breeds. As a result, they require whatever assistance they can obtain to stay warm. Wearing coats, for example, will assist your Chihuahua maintain body heat.

✔️To keep Chihuahuas Dry

Chihuahuas must be dry to stay warm. When it snows, it shields your Chihuahua. These sorts of apparel can help to keep your pet warm in cold weather. This is due to prolonged exposure to cold temperatures.

✔️To protect from Skin Allergies

Allergens may be present in almost every environment. It acts as a boundary between your Chi and its surroundings. As a result, they have a lower risk of developing contact dermatitis.

✔️To reduce their Shedding

Shedding will occur regardless of when or where it happens. However, you may at least reduce it by allowing them to wear jackets throughout the winter.

ProductBrandOur RatingCheck Price
Preferhouse Winter Coat Check Price
Didog Vest Jacket Check Price
JoyDaog Dog Jacket Check Price
Fitwarm Coat Jumpsuit Check Price
Beirui Waterproof Coat Check Price
ASENKU Windproof Winter Coat Check Price
Fitwarm Fleece Coat Check Price

The Best Winter Coats for your Chihuahua – Our Prime 7 Picks

Our Number 1 Favorite

Product Name: Preferhouse Winter Coat

Product Description: The Preferhouse Winter Coat is our top selection. This coat's interior is constructed of thick fleece, which may provide comfort and warmth to dogs in cold weather. When laundered in a washing machine, the exquisite stitching on the rear may retain the inside fleece in place. Its long neckline protects the Chihuahua's neck. The magic tape style makes it easy for Chihuahuas to put on and take off, so you won't have to spend a lot of time clothing your pet.

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This is a fantastic feature that saves you time while also securing the coat. Your Chihuahua may wear this coat and go out to explore at any time since the lock hole is carefully built for a harness. When not in use, it is elegantly blended and concealed. This coat's classic lattice pattern will never go out of style. In addition, it includes a polar fleece inside fabric that lets your Chihuahua enjoy a comfortable winter. If your Chihuahua gets cold, keeping warm with this coat is extremely vital.

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  • Style
  • Comfort
  • Value
  • Material


This coat is ideal for any event throughout the winter or on a typical cold day. The black and red grid pattern will never go out of style, giving your Chihuahua a sophisticated appearance. Sporting this gorgeous winter coat will provide a charming touch to your Chihuahua.


Timeless design





Limited design

Our Runner-Ups 

Didog Vest Jacket

The Didog Vest Jacket is made from materials that are waterproof, windproof, and snowproof. As a result, you may let your Chihuahua play outdoors. This is ideal for energetic chihuahuas who enjoy being outside in the winter. It has a zipper closure that makes it easy to put on and take off. Very handy because there will be no downtime, giving you more time to play with your Chihuahua outside during the winter season. 

The two d rings design makes it stronger and more durable, allowing your pet to walk in no time. No more fumbling with collars over your pet’s head. Created with security in mind as well as a fashionable system. The feather cotton lining in the center of the senior polyester fabric is smooth and pleasant for your adorable Chihuahua. In the winter, it keeps them warm and comfy.

  • Great Fit

  • Flattering style

  • Comfortable

  • Limited colors

JoyDaog Dog Jacket

This JoyDaog Dog Jacket is made of high-quality materials and features sturdy seams. It is simple to put on and take off, thanks to its distinctive metal snap function. And because of the Extra soft polyester fabric, your Chihuahua will be incredibly comfortable wearing this coat. In addition, because this coat is fleece-lined, your Chihuahua will feel warmer in cold weather winter, so you won’t have to worry about them freezing while having fun outside. 

It features a leash hole on the back for when you need them to wear a leash. This coat has all the useful functions you can think of. Elastic borders are included in the front feet and across the back waist to ensure your Chihuahua’s comfort while being fashionable and safe.

  • Comfortable

  • Secure

  • Thick

  • Limited style

Fitwarm Coat Jumpsuit

What distinguishes this garment is that the cut is high in the stomach for easier toilet breaks. The pullover coat-style makes it simple to put on and take off, allowing your Chihuahua to relieve themselves while remaining warm. The stretchy underbelly fits all body weights well. This company handpicks all of its materials to guarantee that your Chihuahua only receives the best coat. 

The design is thoroughly thought out to set your Chihuahua out from the crowd. In addition, your Chihuahua will be fully covered, so the majority of its physique will be warm and pleasant when playing in the snow. And because of the attractive design, you may let your dog wear it for a long period.

  • Elegant design

  • Comfortable material

  • Huge body coverage

  • Limited colors

Beirui Waterproof Coat

This little dog coat is constructed of extremely soft and thick thermal fabric, so your Chihuahua will be especially comfy and warm when out in the cold. It features excellent sewing, is splash resistant, windproof, and snowproof, and is ideal for protecting your beloved Chihuahua from the severe winter temperatures. In addition, the button closing design with stretchy waist and four-leg style allow you to simply put on and take off the coat for your pet. 

The elasticized cuffs prevent snow and chilly wind from penetrating the sleeves, allowing the warmth to be sealed in. It also includes an innovative rear leash hole design, making connecting the chain or harness easy. When your Chihuahua goes outdoors, this one-of-a-kind design can cover its legs, tummy, and back. In chilly times, this gives additional warmth. The luminous stripe on the helmet and shoulders makes your Chihuahua visible near lights, assuring your Chihuahua’s protection even in darkness.

  • Full coverage

  • Comfortable

  • Perfect fit

  • Limited movements for your Chihuahua

ASENKU Windproof Winter Coat

This ASENKU dog coat is constructed of windproof and waterproof nylon. It is a one-of-a-kind mix for your Chihuahua’s winter comfort. It is a long-lasting coat that will keep your Chihuahua safe while they explore the world outside. In addition, this garment is lined with a double layer of fleece and will keep your adorable Chihuahua warm. 

The adorable and traditional design will make your Chihuahua the center of attention in the snow. This coat is fitted with four metal snaps, making it simple to put on and take off. This useful and simple function is one of the coat’s strongest selling points. In addition, it includes a three-dimensional cutting out that will make your Chihuahua appear amazing while still allowing them to roam about freely.

  • Comfortable

  • Stylish

  • Easy to put on

  • Limited style

Fitwarm Fleece Coat

This lovely Fitwarm dog coat is made from soft and cozy fleece fabric. When you let your Chihuahua wear this fashionable and comfy coat, they will repay you with hugs. This is constructed of soft polar fleece, an uncommon material for a dog coat, making it one-of-a-kind. The design gives an all-over covering against the cold and features an elastic beneath the belly for a proper fit for your Chihuahua. 

They will be covered in warmth and comfort when enjoying outside during the colder months. You may select traditional designs to match the characteristics of your Chihuahuas. Its smooth, airy, and elastic fabric feature will help them forget they’re wearing a coat.

  • Full coverage

  • Comfortable

  • Warm

  • Limited color

Preserving your Chihuahua’s Warmth in the Winter

There will come a day when a Chihuahua will be too chilly for the winter. That is why it is critical to understand how to keep them warm at those moments. If your Chihuahua is raising their paws off the ground, it’s clear that it’s far too chilly for them. So, to prevent being in this circumstance, there are certain steps you may take to assist them.

👍Adjust their bed and provide more Blankets

Conditions fall during the night, which is when your Chihuahua may be chilly. Consider where their bed is and whether it may be relocated to a warmer location. You must also consider providing them with more blankets and towels to keep them warm. Finally, your Chihuahua will be able to curl up in a cozy bed at night.

👍In the Winter, Avoid Overfeeding your Chihuahua

Since your Chihuahua won’t be receiving as much activity as previously, you should think about how much you give them to avoid weight problems. Maintain a healthy weight for your Chihuahua. While feeding a cold has some merit, more food keeps their energy up, so it’s a careful line.

👍Check that their Water is not too Cold

Too-cold water can make dogs unwell, including worsening existing cold symptoms and causing a sore throat. Make sure their drinking water doesn’t freeze if they’re left outdoors, and keep their dish in a warmer spot inside the home.

👍Inside, use Toilet Training Pads

When it’s too chilly for your Chihuahua to urinate outside, you’ll need a remedy. Use puppy pads – you may have used these while potty training your Chihuahua puppy. They are equally effective with mature dogs.

👍Purchase a Winter Coat 

They are crucial for winter strolling and paw safety in cold weather. Your Chihuahua will not shiver as a result of the chilly air and snow.

👍To Avoid Sliding and Damage, trim their Nails

Even if you don’t believe it’s cold enough to purchase winter boots, you should still take care of your Chihuahua’s paw, especially their nails, throughout the winter. Long nails and claws will not provide adequate grip on ice and crushed snow, and if not clipped, may result in slips and accidents.

👍Don’t get them Damp

The greatest danger to your Chihuahua’s wellbeing in cooler temperatures is when the chill meets wet. It can result in hypothermia. After a stroll or play in the snow, make sure you fully wipe them down, even if you have to use a hairdryer if they would let you. Also, check for ice trapped in their fur and paws since this can rapidly convert to ice water once you get home, making their bed soggy as well.

👍Minimize their Time Spent Outside

Your Chihuahua is not hardy enough to spend long periods outside. This is particularly true for Chihuahuas with short coats and those that are elderly or unwell. Even when they wear a coat, certain parts of the body are visible. So, even if your Chihuahua enjoys playing in the snow, keep their time to a minimum.

👍Never Let them Run Free

A lot may occur while walking in the cold. If you let your dog roam loose, there’s also the risk of their slipping or stumbling into secret traps. Keep your Chihuahua on a harness when going for a stroll. This way, you’ll always know where they are and what they’re up to.

Indications Your Chihuahua Might Be Cold

When your Chihuahua is chilly, they will exhibit symptoms that need to be warmed up. They may be able to tolerate a moderate cold for a short length of time, but they will ultimately get chilly, and you must be on the lookout for the indicators to avoid further issues.

❕ They are Shaking

Chihuahuas respond visibly to chilly temperatures. It’s probably too chilly to be outside if they’re shivering or shaking. Extreme shaking is another indicator that your dog is suffering from hypothermia. If you see your dog shaking or trembling, bring them indoors.

❕ Their Ears are Cold

Even though Chihuahuas are chilly, their coats may make their bodies seem warm to the touch. You can touch your dog’s ears if you are not sure how to detect whether they are chilly or are unsure if they are. When your dog’s ears become chilly, especially around the tips, it’s time to bring them inside.

❕ They Move Slow

When your Chihuahua is chilly, they will act as though they do not want to be outdoors, and you will see them slowly walking. However, if you’re walking your dog outside and you observe them trying to hide beneath or under various items, they’re most likely trying to keep warm.

❕ They Curl Up

Chihuahuas try to warm themselves up with their own body temperature when they are chilled. If you find your dog snuggling up into a ball or hunching over with their tail tucked in when outdoors, they are most likely chilly.

❕ They Whine

When Chihuahuas are unhappy due to the cold, they will try to communicate with you by whimpering. However, if your dog begins to behave abnormally for no apparent reason, check whether they have been exposed to too much cold or breeze chill.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: A Chihuahua has what kind of coats?

A: Chihuahuas have two sorts of coats: smooth and long. Most of the time, their textures are similar.

Q: What is the clothing size of a Chihuahua?

A: Chihuahuas are all petite in size. It is quite unusual to come across a medium-sized Chihuahua.

Q: Do Chihuahuas need to be dressed in sweaters?

A: Chihuahuas get chilly easily; it’s a good idea to keep a sweater or shirt on hand for them to wear in colder weather or heavily air-conditioned houses.

Q: What temperature is too low for a Chihuahua?

A: Your Chihuahua is not built to withstand temperatures below 70 degrees Fahrenheit. They require protection if you live in a chilly environment.

Q: What should I do to convince my Chihuahua to wear coats?

A: Allow them to sniff and investigate the coats. Hold the dog garments in your palm and massage them on the side of your pet partner. Praise them for being quiet while softly draping the garment over your dog’s back.

Final Thoughts

Chihuahuas do not do well in cold weather. These tiny fellas require warmth in the winter, so use caution during this time of year when snow and cooler weather are usual. Unfortunately, they are one of the breeds most vulnerable to cold weather sensitivity. While Chihuahuas can handle cold temperatures to some extent, there comes the point where you need to pay closer attention.