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What To Feed A Picky Chihuahua?

Have you noticed your chihuahua refusing its food so suddenly? This is a common problem for newbie owners after bringing their chihuahuas home. Chihuahuas are a tiny breed, and if you just let them ignore their foods, they will die quickly. So to prevent them from being a picky eater, read this entire blog, and don’t forget to share your stories in the comment section below.

Reasons Why Chihuahuas Don’t Eat

chihuahua picky eater

🐶 Adapting to environmental change

It’s typical for your dog to neglect its food, especially if you’ve just introduced your chihuahua to a new environment. They are anxious about unfamiliar surroundings. This is especially true if you relocate together with your chihuahua. Another reason that is related to relocation is motion sickness. Like humans, chihuahuas also feel nauseous after a long trip. This scenario can prevent them from wanting their food or treats for a few hours. 

🐶 Medications

Another reason your chihuahua refuses to eat is because of the after-effects of some medications. This is true, especially if your dog got vaccinated. Some vaccines have a high dosage that can make your chihuahua stomach full and weak. But don’t worry, unless there is no underlying issue, this effect will go away after a few hours or until recovery.

🐶 Coping with other dogs’ behavior

Chihuahuas are known for adapting to what’s in their surroundings. So, if your dog is surrounded by other breeds that are picky eaters, there might be a chance that your chihuahua would do the same. This is because your chihuahua is receiving the same energy level as the other dogs. So if you want your dog to eat correctly, it is advisable to bring it to an environment that will encourage it to eat.

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🐶 Oral problems

Your chihuahua doesn’t want to eat, maybe because it has a toothache or other oral problems. Oral infections are painful, so pain and inflammation occur inside its mouth every time your dog eats. So, observe your dog if there is a slight inflammation and discharges on its mouth, particularly on the gum area.

🐶 Stomach pain

If your dog doesn’t want to eat, it may have stomach discomfort. This discomfort may come from the things that have been chewed. It may also be a sign of bacterial infection or parasitic infestations. So, be aware of the things that your chihuahua puts in its mouth to prevent severe complications.

How Much Does A Chihuahua Normally Consumes?

Depending on the build and weight of your chihuahua, it is usually advised to give up to 1 cup per meal. This meal must be a high-quality diet and a portion of nutritious food. So in order to know how much you must give, consult a vet also to receive some brand recommendations.

It is indeed an enjoyable factor to give food to your chihuahua. However, to prevent overeating and other health complications, you must learn to say no. Chihuahuas have very cute pleading eyes that you can’t resist. Stop yourself from giving your chihuahua too many treats because it may be hard to digest them all at once. This is the primary reason why chihuahuas always have upset stomachs in correlation with their small size.

How To Feed Your Picky Chihuahua?

Photo credits: James Homans

Your chihuahua may be picky when it comes to food if there are present problems like what has been mentioned above. And being a picky eater doesn’t mean it refuses to eat forever. For you to be able to feed your chihuahua in this challenging scenario, you must know your dog’s eating pattern. Also, be sure to know what to give and what must not be given to your chihuahua.

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🐶 Small but loaded

To start feeding a picky chihuahua, get him snacks that are mini size but fully loaded with nutritional values. This is to make sure that your dog can still get adequate nutrition, even in small amounts. You can get recommendations from the vet or from a professional pet store.

🐶 Time the food

This method will make your chihuahua want its food. Though it will take a long time to be successful, there will still be a presence of development as time goes by. To do this, put the bowl in front of your dog, then remove it after 30 mins. Do this over and over again. If still left untouched, make the food touch its nose, then put it away until your dog follows the scent.

🐶 Do not give caffeine and chocolate.

These foods may have high amounts of sugar for energy, but chihuahuas are different. Like other breeds, chocolates and caffeine are very lethal to them in specific parts. This is because of the theobromine content of the chocolate that chihuahuas can’t metabolize. At the same time, caffeine has the same effect as humans. Caffeine can also bring irregular heartbeats and high blood pressure. This means that chihuahuas can experience uncontrolled tremors and weakness after consuming these two dangerous foods.

🐶 Appetite stimulants

You can give your chihuahua appetite stimulant such as Mirtazapine. But before this, make sure that you have the recommendation from your vet. This is because Mirtazapine is only given if your chihuahua has a loss of appetite due to a severe condition. There is also a possibility that your chihuahua will experience a sudden drop of blood pressure and some allergic reactions such as inflammation of the tongue and lips.

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🐶 Switching foods

One reason why your chihuahua refuses to eat or is hesitant to eat the food is that you changed its daily diet. If you switch its food to another brand or ingredients, do not suddenly change it. Gradually mix the new brand with the old one until your chihuahua is familiar with the new taste.

🐶 Homemade food

The advantage of homemade chihuahua food is that you can control the amounts of nutritional value. This is great, especially if you only give your dog minimal amounts. Homemade food is also a way of teasing your chihuahua’s appetite. To maximize the balanced nutrition, make sure to include protein like chicken, lamb, fish, or eggs. Don’t also forget to add vitamin-rich foods, especially those high in calcium, potassium, iron, and zinc. It is also advised to contact a vet nutritionist to have an adjusted diet.

Bottom Line

Chihuahuas are generally not picky eaters. But with all the possible scenarios stated in the first part of this blog, they tend to refuse to eat the foods you give. This is a bit tricky as an owner because you will need to find the root cause of being picky. So to avoid this, you must be 100% aware of your chihuahua’s health condition. Do regular vet visits to know if the food you give is still suitable for its size and age. Avoid giving your chihuahua scraps from the table because some human foods are very dangerous to chihuahuas.