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How To Care For A Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are small adorable dogs who have pretty of a reputation as domestic pets. They are excellent companions and watchdogs who have high energies and distinct personalities. However, their small sizes do not make them less of a dog in any way. Like any other pet, they need proper care for Chihuahua and maintenance in order to have good health. Their unique size will require you to learn an appropriate care that is exclusive to these dogs.

There are many reasons why you decided to get a Chihuahua. However, either to have a companion or to relieve stress, Chihuahuas still need care from the owners. In addition, you must take into consideration how to treat them properly to avoid accidents and damages. Improper handling of Chihuahuas and any dog may cost you a lot. Fortunately, you will be able to understand it in this article as we talk about how to care for your Chihuahua. The information will be assigned for each specific section of this article.


This part will know the list of things you need to learn to prolong your bond with your Chihuahua. It may cost you a lot, but it can save you money and time if you know how to handle them well. Here’s how to care for your Chihuahua.

 🦴 Proper Feeding And Nutrition

Like any other dog, chihuahuas need food and clean water to consume. Therefore, provide them two separate bowls; one for eating and one for drinking.

Chihuahuas have a small digestive system and high metabolism, which means you have to follow a particular feeding pattern. It would be best to feed them several times a day in small portions to avoid overfeeding or intestinal problems. First, however, you should establish a schedule that you will regularly follow with them. Since chihuahuas are adaptive and intelligent, they know when to feed once you establish a routine with them. Establishing a food routine can also prevent them from chewing or searching for food in the wrong places. A hungry dog is a dog that is going to look in every nook and cranny to find food. So make sure you establish a feeding routine with your Chihuahua to prevent them from chewing your items.

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For what you feed them, you should refer to your vet before trying anything. A lot of typical food that we eat can be dangerous to dogs, such as chocolate. Instead, your vet should prescribe your chihuahua food that will be able to provide all the nutrition that it needs. Choosing the best food is especially crucial when your Chihuahua is still young and growing.

Make sure that there are no hazardous objects in your house that your Chihuahua can consume. Chihuahua puppies are especially prone to this because of their curiosity. Try to keep your food away from their reach, as they might swallow something that is bad for them. Also, try to hide electrical wires that they may chew.

What To Expect On Vet

Your vet may also prescribe vitamins that you mix with their food. These vitamins will keep their immune system in check, especially since chihuahuas are pretty prone to infection. Proper feeding is vital for chihuahuas, especially for younger puppies. You must know the right foods for Chihuahuas because they may develop a condition where their blood sugar levels are unstable. Missing a meal can cause a potential blood sugar drop and can lead to further complications. So make sure to listen carefully to your vet’s instructions.

Toys And Entertainment

Active species of pets are very intelligent, and they need tons of stimulation to avoid boredom. Various activities may help them control not only physical stimulation but also mental stimulation, which involves entertainment. Providing the suitable toys for your Chihuahua can make sure they are entertained for hours. You can try a variety of toys such as safe chewing toys, balls, and various others that they may enjoy. Your Chihuahua can choose one toy to be its favorite, which should make things easier for you. Find out what they like the most and buy that for them; they usually like sticking to one type of toy.

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You can also teach them tricks and play games with them indoors. Some ideas for games include:

•Hide and Seek – hide from your Chihuahua and let them find you by using their sharp sense of smell.
•Dog Puzzle Toys – there are puzzle toys for pets that you can buy to keep your Chihuahua busy.
•Find the Treat – hide the treat somewhere in your house and let your Chihuahua find it.

Pros Of Playing With Chihuahua

Entertainment can also prevent your pup from becoming lethargic or depressed. So make sure you play with Chihuahua regularly. Otherwise, you might end up with an inactive and unhealthy dog. There are consequences for not letting them have enough mental stimulation.

 🚿 External Health and Grooming

Chihuahuas can have two types of fur; the long-haired and the short-haired. Long-haired chihuahuas need to be brushed at least two or three times a week. Meanwhile, short-haired chihuahuas need to be brushed at least once a week. Your chihuahuas do not need to be bathed too often, as it can cause dry skin. It also depends on the temperature, as washing your pup in a cold environment can cause sickness. When you do, however, make sure to use a gentle dog shampoo. For puppies, there is a specialized version of dog shampoo that is more suitable for puppies.

With the help of a vet or pet groomer, ask how you will be able to trim their nails and clean their ears. Chihuahuas need to have their ears cleaned from time to time, as they are prone to infection. It would be best if you also tried to trim their nails to prevent them from hurting you or themselves. It would help if you also watched out for fleas or have them inspected for parasites. Not only can having these pests damage your Chihuahua but it can also be passed on to you.

What To Do

It would be best if you also brush your Chihuahua’s teeth at least two or three times a week. Having good oral hygiene for domesticated dogs can prevent them from having infections. Consult your vet on what type of toothpaste and toothbrush is suitable for your Chihuahua.

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 🐕 Exercising

Chihuahuas need outdoor activities quite often. It would be best if you walked them once a day, but it can depend on your schedule. Try to walk them on a leash while they are still young, so they get used to it as they grow older. Spend at least 30 minutes to an hour outside. Be mindful of the weather conditions and if it is too hot or too cold outside. On sunny days, bring a pet water bottle to prevent dehydration. Avoid going out as much as possible in winter or summer since chihuahuas don’t have the amount of fur needed for their temperature control.

How To Play With Chihuahua

You can also play with your Chihuahua in your backyard. Playing frisbee or fetch the ball is always a suitable exercise method. Playtime with your pet also serves as a bonding activity for you and your Chihuahua. Playing outdoors can also boost their mood and entertain them. When indoors, you can also do the same thing with the necessary space. But be careful not to break any furniture that can get hit by the ball. Letting your pet exercise is essential for its health. Just make sure they get plenty of water and rest after to prevent dehydration and fatigue.

 🐕‍🦺 Training

Training your pet while they are still young is necessary for proper littering habits and good behavior in their adulthood. For starters, you may choose two methods for training your pup. Firstly, if you are experienced, you can train the Chihuahua by yourself. Most experienced pet owners tend to teach the pup by themselves to avoid other expenses. Secondly, you can enrol your chihuahua puppy in a dog kindergarten program. In this program, experienced trainers will be able to train your dog to be obedient and well-mannered. Your Chihuahua can also interact with other dogs and humans, which can make them friendly and less aggressive. After the program, your Chihuahua should be more obedient and cooperative with you.

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For litter training, you need to be very patient and consistent. Never punish your Chihuahua physically if they make mistakes; otherwise, it will negatively affect them. Instead, bring them outside constantly so they can get used to littering outside instead of indoors. If they litter indoors, clean it thoroughly and spray it with special pet spray to eradicate the odor. Once the litter outdoors, give them a treat so they could know that what they just did was right. Repeat this cycle over and over with the same method. Eventually, your Chihuahua will be able to differentiate where they should or should not litter.

Train With Tricks

For tricks, you can teach them to your Chihuahua by yourself or with a trainer. Using treats is the key to ensuring that they are willing to do the trick when you give the command. Chihuahuas are intelligent animals and are considered fast learners. So if you want your Chihuahua to learn tricks, you should invest time and treats for that.

If your Chihuahua is more of a pet rather than a watchdog, try training them to socialize. Socializing with people and other animals can make your Chihuahua friendlier around them. Chihuahuas are notorious for lashing out at strangers and other pets, but this can be fixed with proper training. Slowly introduce your pup to new people and animals so they can get comfortable with them. Please do not force your Chihuahua and be patient with them as their instincts may kick in. However, this should not be the case if you are planning to keep the pup as a watchdog.

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Love and Affection

Like most pets, chihuahuas thrive on their human parent’s love and affection. The one thing you absolutely need to invest in when getting a pet is time. Having the time to bond with them is necessary for their well-being. Chihuahuas may become depressed and lonely without your attention. These creatures naturally seek affection to feel safe and content with their living conditions. Chihuahuas especially seek physical love as they are considered cuddly pets. So spend time petting your Chihuahua, watch a movie with them or go for a walk with them.

Problems With Detachments

Domesticated animals are basically made to live alongside humans, so they depend a lot on them. Many dogs and other animals every year are being left at shelters due to neglect. Although it may vary in the person’s current situation, it is unfortunately common in many countries. Some pets are even known to be unable to survive on their own due to being domesticated. Detachment can be very scary for animals, especially for domestic social species. So make sure to appreciate your Chihuahua’s presence as they are your loyal and loving furry companion.

⚕️ And Of Course, Visits To The Vet

Vets are not referred to as the animal doctors for nothing. Make sure your pet gets regular visits to the vet even if they seem to dislike it. Vets can ensure your pet is getting the enrichment that they need in order to stay healthy. They can also prescribe the necessary vaccinations required for your Chihuahua. Several dogs, unfortunately, pass away every year due to fatal diseases such as rabies and parvovirus. Through vaccination, your Chihuahua can become protected from these diseases.

Why Do They Need Regular Visits

Common infections can also affect your Chihuahua, such as a urinary tract infection or UTI. Checking your pet’s physical condition yourself is always a good idea. However, taking them to the vet is the most effective way to ensure they are actually okay. Chihuahuas primarily are known to be prone to various diseases, and some can be tough to identify. Vets run multiple tests such as urine and blood samples to determine certain illnesses your pet may have. So always invest time and money to take them to the vet. It is highly recommended that you bring your pet to the vet annually for their check-up. Even if they may look well, you never know what is lying underneath their external well-being.

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As the same with taking care of any pet, Chihuahuas require a lot of time, energy, and some expenses. Pets are living beings who need the same enrichment that we thrive on in order to maintain our well-being. Make sure to appreciate them as they are only a part of our lives. A chihuahua’s lifespan is significantly shorter than a human’s, so chances are you will mostly outlive them. They may not be able to express it through words, but know that the care you give them is very much appreciated.

Dogs can rescue your mental health. They are called “Man’s best friend” for nothing. Most of the people are creating memories with their dogs. They also celebrate their birthdays. And, they also mourn for their death. Dogs are part of the human lifestyle. Owners spoil their pets with stylish clothes and accessories. They also schedule their pets for photoshoots and films. This is what dogs are for; to complete a person’s soul with love and affection.