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How to Soothe a Chihuahua? Use These Helpful Tips

Anxiety is a prevalent feature not just in humans but also in animals. For example, many dogs, such as Chihuahuas, suffer from anxiety, which is generally caused by being abandoned by their owners and the shelter atmosphere in general. 

Stress can appear in a variety of ways, ranging from whining and barking to shaking and whimpering. When your dog is nervous, it may become destructive or aggressive. In addition, they may lose their appetite and become entirely reclusive over time if the anxiety is not handled correctly.

This article is a must-read if you have a dog who suffers from anxiety. So, let’s look at what may be causing your dog’s stress and the most popular tried-and-true techniques to calm your anxious Chihuahua.

The Art of Touch

Nothing soothes an anxious dog more than your touch. Identify the indications of nervousness in your dog and address them as soon as possible by picking them up, snuggling on the sofa, or giving them a long stroking session. Your body’s warmth can assist reduce their stress and aid in their relaxation.

Music Sessions

Music therapy is known to benefit both humans and our dog companions. While you’re at home, in the vehicle, or away from your pet, the power of music may be peaceful and relaxing. Music can also help to reduce noise sensitivity by filtering out annoying or frightening stimuli that irritate certain dogs and cause anxiety. When you’re not available to pat them, the music helps them relax and feel more at peace.

Calming Items

Calming jackets, pillows, and t-shirts offer gentle, steady pressure to a dog’s torso, similar to a swaddling cloth on a newborn. It is indicated for dogs suffering from anxiety caused by travel, separation, noise, or strangers. While you are away, the familiar smell will also give them security and comfort.


If your dog has separation anxiety, the obvious remedy is to never leave them alone. Unfortunately, that is not a reality for most pet owners, so utilizing exercise as a bonding experience and a way to tire out your pet is frequently a simple solution. And because worry may produce an excess of energy, taking your dog for a long walk or a game of ball before you leave might be beneficial.

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Daily Massage

A massage, as you’ve known, can soothe and calm even the most nervous person – but did you know it also works wonders on dogs? Anxiety frequently causes muscular tensing, and massage treatment is one method of relieving stress. Begin at the neck and work your way down with long strokes and try to keep one hand on the dog and the other working on the massage. Over time, you may be able to pinpoint the source of your dog’s stress and focus solely on that area.

Give them Space

While anxiousness is not a harmful behavior in and of itself, it might be beneficial to give your dog some time out when they are acting out. Isolating your pet in a secure and quiet environment might help soothe its frazzled nerves. Perhaps there is some tranquil music playing, low lighting, and/or aromatherapy accessible in that location. It is vital to understand that they, like people, require time to organize their emotions. Animals, like humans, have feelings and sentiments, so understanding, when to give them space, is critical.

Natural Remedies

While there is minimal evidence that alternative items can help anxious dogs, conduct thorough research and speak with your veterinarian before applying alternative medicines.

Ways to Stop Chihuahua’s Aggressive Behavior

Chihuahuas are more aggressive than normal toward their owners, strangers, and other dogs. Unfortunately, this hostility results in bites and biting attempts, and here are some tips to help you stop it.

Outdoor Games

Chihuahuas, like other dogs, have a one-year socialization phase after birth. It’s a good idea to take them outside at this time so they may be exposed to outside stimuli. Bring your dog to the park. Avoid commuting and walk the rest of the way if it’s close to your house. They will be more oriented with the noises of cars and people conversing. Talk to other dog owners or bring a friendly dog owner with you if you go to a dog park. Introduce your dogs to one another and allow them plenty of room to go about so they can get used to the environment.

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Vet Visits

When you pet dogs in a sensitive area, they are prone to become aggressive. As a result, taking your dog to the vet once a year is always a smart idea. Request thorough examinations from your veterinarian, including X-rays. And because Chihuahuas are tiny and discreet, they can travel throughout the house and become trapped in various locations.

Too many Pets

It’s a wonderful thing when dogs get along with other dogs. They can, however, acquire a pack mentality. When this happens, they may attack strangers or other pets. This can lead to injury, therefore avoid having too many dogs of the same breed because Chihuahuas frequently conflict with other dominant creatures.

Stay Calm

Being violent is detrimental to your pet’s health. Yelling just encourages them to bark even more loudly. Research has proven that punishment is damaging to your dog’s general growth. Calm down before approaching your dog. Before issuing orders:

  1. Take a few deep breaths and sit down.
  2. If your dog continues to misbehave, try a different command.
  3. Remove any distractions carefully and continue to attempt.

Train them

Although Chihuahuas are aggressive, training them can help keep them calm. Give them these commands to assist them. When your dog becomes agitated, you may divert their attention by saying, “come.” If they’re a long distance away, lift your hand so they can see and smell the reward. Then, give them the promised treat when they come to you.


Daycare is a beautiful area to expose your Chihuahua. They have the facility, dogs, and trainers to accommodate every breed. In addition, the more they interact with other dogs and practice, the less irritated they will become.

Observe them

Dogs do not become angered just because they are angry. They are sometimes scared and want their owner to be near them. If they are injured while feeding, they may become more protective. They may become enraged if you make loud noises. Take your dog to a trainer for an assessment. They will advise you on desensitization treatments for your pet. Expose your dog to the stimuli/sounds that frighten them. Normalize it till your dog understands there is no danger.

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Clean Home

When odors are mixed up, dogs become enraged. It gives people the impression that someone is invading their house when there is no such thing. Keep in mind that Chihuahuas are protective dogs. They typically mark previously unknown locations. Clean your residence daily to avoid unwanted excretion and urine. To remove fur from the flooring, vacuum them. Wipe away the pee, remove feces that do not belong in their pooping area, and hide the odor with alcohol.

How to Calm your Chihuahua during Storms

If you have a Chihuahua that is afraid of downpours, a thunderstorm in the forecast is your worst nightmare. During a storm, your dog may pant, pace, whine and even become destructive. In addition, the psychological and physical harm they might do themselves during this highly stressful time is concerning. So, how do you deal with storm-related canine fear and anxiety?

✔️Create a Calm Environment

Provide your dog with the comfort and attention she requires to alleviate her anxiety. A nervous dog is excessively aroused and emotional, which means that soothing does not reward the anxiety. To help your dog rest during the storm, try a gentle massage. To create a calm environment for them, shut the doors and windows. A room filled with soothing products and fragrances can significantly aid in relaxation.

✔️Be by their Side

Being alone can only exacerbate the anxiety of a dog that is already afraid of thunderstorms. So if terrible weather is predicted, try to stay at home or have someone look after your dog throughout the storm. During this time, giving them hugs and cuddles will assist in relieving their tension and anxiety.

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✔️Distract them

If a dog is punished or neglected during a stressful incident, the anxiety is likely to escalate. Instead, distract and soothe your dog with a pleasant stimulation, such as soft stroking. If your dog still wants to play, try indoor fetch, tug, or a high-value chew. Bring out all of its toys, or if they have a favorite piece of music, play it around them to create a calming atmosphere and aid in their relaxation.

✔️Visit the Vet

A visit to the veterinarian to discuss medication may be the solution for the very nervous dog who does not react to the preceding approaches. When desensitization measures fail, medication should be the last option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I calm down my agitated Chihuahua?

A: When your Chihuahua becomes aggressive, use a noisemaker to distract him or firmly state “no.” When your Chihuahua behaves calmly and politely, encourage such behavior with praise and a treat.

Q: What causes Chihuahuas to go crazy?

A: Severe separation anxiety among other dogs can cause a dog to whip himself up into a frenzy. When owners get home, the Chihuahua may act as though he has little control, experiencing excited urinating issues and behaving with little inhibition.

Q: Why do Chihuahuas become attached to a single person?

A: They are well known to gravitate toward one individual and reject new people, although this might be because dogs choose those more compatible with their nature.

Q: How many times a day should a Chihuahua be walked?

A: A good stroll of at least 30 minutes each day is required for an adult Chihuahua.

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Q: When I pet my Chihuahua, why does it growl?

A: Some dogs growl to express affection or pleasure.

Q: How frequently should I bathe my Chihuahua?

A: The Chihuahua does need to have a bath and be brushed regularly. This self-assured small dog can be washed as regularly as once a week and no more than once every six weeks, depending on lifestyle and activity level.

Final Words

Some owners report that their Chihuahuas get hyper after a bath or at night, just when it’s time to unwind. The critical thing to remember is that no matter when or how often your dog acts out, following the above principles will result in a calmer environment and a dog that can healthily release energy. Do you have any other remedy to help calm a Chihuahua? Share your tips in the comment section.