The following guide will provide you with all of the information you need to know about why do Chihuahuas lick so often. Dogs may participate in a variety of activities and discover new things about the world. For example, they have very sensitive noses that allow them to hunt out smells quickly and effectively. They have excellent vision, which will enable them to see objects even from a distance and in the dark. They have long tongues that enable them to taste and detect both food and other people more effectively.

While all dogs have some degree of licking compulsion, Chihuahuas are particularly adept at using their tongue to lick other canines as well as humans. 

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It’s a habit that kids may acquire early in their lives, and it can be difficult to stop once established. They may lick your hands, your face, and a variety of other things if you are not cautious. For dogs, licking is a familiar sensation and habit that dates back to their early days when their mother licked their faces to clean them and express her affection for them. As a result, this behavior is derived first from a strong sense of love and tenderness experienced when puppies. Chihuahuas licking is a fun, innocuous activity that you may find entertaining for a short period. 

On the other hand, licking may develop into a negative behavior pattern that signals the presence of another emotional or mental health problem. To better support their general health and wellbeing, it is necessary to understand why a Chihuahua licks so often.

Listed below are several of the most prevalent reasons why Chihuahuas lick so much, which can assist you in supplying the best care likely for your Chihuahua, whether they lick just sometimes or much more often. While some of the causes are not cause for alarm, others may indicate a pattern of behavior that warrants further investigation by your veterinarian.

Several factors contribute to Chihuahua licking behavior

Licking is a typical method for dogs to detect the presence of other objects and humans. As well as using their tongues to detect objects and communicate with one another, Chihuahuas have great vision and a great sense of smell. This licking activity can become excessive, leading us to question whether anything else needs to address instead; some of the most frequent reasons why Chihuahuas lick so much are discuss in this section. 

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🦴  Irritation 

Chihuahuas are well-known for being very active and energetic canines. Even though they are one of the most miniature dog breeds, they find pleasure and amusement in participating in a wide range of adventures and activities of all kinds. When they cannot play, go outdoors, or join in the action with someone else or by themselves, they may feel depressed and depressed. And they may begin to find pleasure in licking themselves or other objects as a result of their boredom. 

🦴  Anxiety

Consider the possibility that your Chihuahua has personality and behavior issues while you are not at home. They may resort to licking themselves or other objects as a natural extension of their nervous behaviors in such circumstances. The process of licking causes endorphins to be released in their bodies, which makes them feel more relaxed and comfortable.

It’s a natural method of stress reduction that your dog may participate in regularly. When this pattern of conduct becomes excessive, it has the potential to develop into a compulsive condition. They may opt to lick themselves to get the required tension and anxiety released without thinking or being aware of their behavior. They may use the process of licking themselves to help them relieve stress and overcome destructive emotions if they are in any way disturbed or uneasy at the time. 

🦴  Feelings of affection 

If you are there and notice that your dog repeatedly licks your hands, feet, and face throughout the day, they may be doing so to express their devotion and love for you. This is a natural aspect of their attempt to form a bond with you and is entirely normal.

They may adore and appreciate you and all you do, and they may choose to express their affection for you by licking you. Additionally, licking may be a sign of submission and deference to authority, in addition to being affectionate. When they understand their place in your family pack, they may do it as a show of respect for your reference. Using this helpful expression of licking may considerably indicate how they see you and your family. 

🦴  Taking a look around 

Suppose a Chihuahua tends to lick other items, whether inside or outside the house; it is possible that they are interested in trying new things and tasting new flavors. Chihuahuas are usually curious dogs, and this is no exception. They may use their tongues to assist them in discovering new and exciting toys or items to bring home with them. If they are in the kitchen and smell something extraordinary, they may lick the air to get a better feel of what is being cooked and whether or not they will be able to eat it later. 

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🦴  Health-Related Issues 

Over-licking may sometimes indicate the presence of some medical issues that should treat immediately. There are a variety of possibilities, including an allergic response to anything the Chihuahua has come into touch with. Furthermore, it may be a sign that there is another cause of pain and suffering.

It may also indicate that the person has dental issues, which may relieve their discomfort by licking their gums or teeth. Suppose you think your Chihuahua is suffering from any of these illnesses. In this instance, you must talk with your veterinarian as soon as possible to determine the best course of action for your dog.

Reasons why Chihuahuas Lick their Owners so Much

In addition to brushing themselves or licking their paws or privates, some Chihuahuas also lick the fingers and foot of their owners. 

Bella often wakes up my husband by putting slobbery kisses on his face first thing in the morning. At the very least, we like to believe that it is her way of saying “good morning.” 

Here are some of the cause why Chihuahuas like kissing their owners: 

✔️ To take concern of their parents 

A Chihuahua is known for grooming itself with licks, and there is evidence to think that they like grooming their humans with licks. 

Chihuahuas are loving canines that like expressing their devotion to their owners by kissing and licking their faces. Licking is also a method of marking territory,’ as in, this person is mine, and you should respect that! 

✔️ To state their emotions of love and devotion

According to the owners, many Chihuahuas kiss the children because it is their way of expressing love and devotion. 

These tiny canines have huge hearts, and they like showering affection on everyone in their vicinity. Like how a mother dog kisses its pups with love, a Chi may lick its ‘human siblings’ with the same devotion. 

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✔️ When they express an interest in tasting your skin 

When their owners’ skin gets sweaty, Chihuahuas will often lick them. They may like the salty taste of sweat, primarily if you work out just afterward. 

All dogs have an organ known as the Jacobson’s organ, which enables them to smell and taste at the same time when they are in the same place. As a result, licking allows them to acquire a better feel of all the tastes they are licking on the surface. 

This is often the cause why many Chihuahuas lick the skin of their pet parents to taste the food or tastes of food that have been left behind. 

✔️ Oral health issues 

Chihuahuas suffering from gum disease, periodontal disease, or dental difficulties may lick human skin as a means of relieving their discomfort. When a dog has gum problems or has loose or missing teeth, licking may decrease the amount of saliva or drool produced. 

✔️ To get people’s attention

When your Chihuahua isn’t feeling well, it may lick you excessively as a way of communicating that it needs additional attention. It may be a cry for assistance, or it could just be a desire or need for attention.

Consequences of Excessive Self-Licking in Chihuahuas

All dogs lick themselves, but when this behavior becomes excessive or compulsive, it may be the reason for worry. 

The following are the risks associated with excessive self-licking in Chihuahuas: 

✖️ Fur loss and lick granuloma on the paws 

Chihuahuas that lick themselves excessively are in danger of losing hair in patches in the regions where they lick themselves, or worse, developing lick granuloma. You may begin to see the skin underneath it, which may show hot patches, blisters, lesions, redness, and other symptoms of inflammation. 

✖️ Infections of the skin 

Excessive licking may also spread germs to wounds or sores on the skin that have formed. If you do not intervene, your pet is in danger of getting secondary skin infections, pus-filled blisters, or other problems that may need the administration of medications. 

✖️ Infections of the urinary tract 

In some instances, licking the private areas of female Chihuahuas excessively may result in germs from the anal glands to the vulva. This may result in urinary tract infections, which would need the use of antibiotics to cure. 

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✖️ Problems with the stomach 

Chihuahuas who lick their paws tend to make them moist with their saliva very often. Dirt, grass, and other debris may quickly get entangled in the damp claws. When your Chihuahua licks its paws again, the land and germs on its feet will be able to enter its digestive system. 

This may result in gastrointestinal problems, intestinal parasites, and other problems. Diarrhea, vomiting, and a loss of appetite are some of the symptoms of this condition. 

✖️ Become afflicted with obsessive-compulsive disorder 

Liking may also develop into an addictive behavior in the sense that a Chi who has grown used to licking itself may get irritated, furious, or even violent if you prohibit it from doing so.

Risks with Chihuahuas Licking Humans

When your Chihuahua licks you, you may find it pleasing, but some pet owners do not allow it from the start of the relationship. 

The truth is that even veterinarians advise against allowing your pets to lick you. The following are the risks associated with Chihuahuas licking humans: 

🦴  Disease Transmission

Getting licked on the cheek by your dog may result in the transmission of germs from its remote regions to your mouth and nose. 

This may lead to various health problems, particularly in adults or children with weakened immune systems. 

🦴  Behavioral problems

If you allow your Chi to lick your feet or hands regularly and develop a habit, it may result in behavioral problems. Those are the styles of things you want to stay away from. 

Prevent Your Chihuahua from Licking Its Paws Too Much

Here are some suggestions for reducing excessive self-licking in your furry friend: 

🦴  Should treat allergic reactions. 

It is possible to develop allergies to many things, including the shampoo you use, the dog food your pet consumes, and even fleas, weeds, mildew, and other allergens. 

Consult with your animal doctor before changing your dog’s diet. To cure dry skin, you may also take omega essential fatty acid supplementation. 

🦴  Reduce boredom, tension, and separation anxiety by using a game. 

Take your dog for a stroll at least twice a day to relieve it of its boredom. As a result, the pent-up energy will be released, and the animal will become too exhausted to engage in licking. 

Provide plenty of care and affection for your pet, and keep your pet by your side while at home. Additionally, you may teach your Chihuahua to gnaw on dental chews or bones instead of licking or chewing on his teeth. 

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🦴  Discourage your dog’s inappropriate conduct. 

May use bitter sprays to discourage obsessive paw licking in dogs. To prevent your pet from licking its private areas, you may place a cone or collar over its head. 

🦴  Make use of pharmaceuticals. 

Your veterinarian may prescribe medications to address underlying health problems. Antihistamines and antibiotics are examples of such medicines. In severe instances, your veterinarian may also suggest the use of steroids. 

May also use Antiitch lotions and spray to discourage licking. 

🦴  Must eliminate parasites. 

If your Chihuahua is infested with fleas or ticks, use spot treatments, collars, or sprays to eliminate the infestation. You must also wash your pet’s bedding regularly to ensure that these parasites are not present. 

De-worm your Chi to get clear of hookworms and other intestinal parasites, which may be harmful.

How to Discourage Your Chihuahua from Licking its Owners’ Faces Constantly? 

In case your Chi’s licking of you and your family members is getting out of hand, consider the following solutions:


🐶 Could you ignore it and go on? 

Ignoring the habit is often the most effective method of reducing excessive licking. Using positive reinforcement, you can also reward your pet – your Chi will learn to treat it if it does not lick the treated surface. 

🐶 Take a long, hot bath. 

This will remove the taste or smell of sweat or food that prompts your pet to lick your fingers and foot. Additionally, you may switch to a different perfume or fragrance that is less attractive to your Chinese partner. 

🐶 Distract your canine companion. 

When it begins licking your face, put a toy in its mouth to distract it. This will reinforce the concepts of what is and isn’t acceptable to lick. 

🐶 Make sure your pet gets enough exercise. 

Toss your Chi for a while. Once it has exhausted itself, it will not have the stamina to continue its compulsive licking. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is my Chihuahua licking the upholstery of the couch? 

Anxiety, tension, or boredom may all manifest themselves in Chihuahuas licking furniture. It may be connected to an underlying health problem. A veterinarian should address excessive furniture licking. 

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Q: What can I do to keep my Chihuahua from licking the furniture? 

Make use of a bitter spray, such as this one, to discourage your Chihuahua from chewing on furniture or licking the sofa. 

If your Chihuahua licks certain parts of the house, you may use cotton balls drenched in bitter spray to deter him. Using this method, you may keep your puppy or adult Chihuahua from licking excessively. It is entirely safe and non-toxic. 

Q: What is the purpose of my dog licking the pillows and the bed? 

Because of the sweaty and salty flavor we leave on our pillows and mattresses; our Chihuahuas often lick our pillows and beds. The body sheds dead skin cells as we sleep, and your Chihuahua is most likely licking them off of your feet. Washing your bed linens regularly may help to reduce this habit. 

Final Words

Licking one’s lips for a Chihuahua may be triggered by several different factors. If it’s an innocent display of love, a more severe sign of worry, or a health-related problem, licking is frequent, particularly among Chihuahuas. Ensure to keep an eye on their health and regularly take them to the veterinarian for check-ups and exams. If at all possible, limit their licking to just a few times a day.

As a result of them licking you, not only will you have to wash your hands and faceless, but decreasing their licking may also assist improve their general mental and emotional wellbeing. While this is a typical response and nothing to be worried about most of the time, there may be sure signs that you should consult with your veterinarian. Work with them to discover the root causes of their excessive licking and then work together on a beneficial solution and their overall wellbeing.

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