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Why Is My Chihuahua So Clingy? 12 Possible Reasons

Do you have a Chihuahua so clingy? Do they follow you around everywhere you go and cry when you leave them alone? While it can be sweet at first, it might become overwhelming after a while. If your chihuahua is suddenly clingy or has always been this way, there could be a few reasons. So, read on to learn more about why your chihuahua so clingy and what you can do to help them feel more comfortable.

History of Chihuahua 

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The clingy behavior of chihuahuas is a natural characteristic related to its lineage. Mexican breeders developed Chihuahuas specifically to hunt rodents. In the past, the dog owner used to attach a string to a Chihuahua’s collars and train it to drag those while chasing rodents.

It would help keep them focused on the people instead of the potential prey. As a result, these canines developed a strong affinity for people, making them more effective hunters. Because they were created to hunt by seeing rather than smelling, chihuahuas are sighthounds. These breeds often act like statues and probably won’t notice anything they can’t see.

Nowadays, people have bred chihuahuas to be smaller and no longer need to hunt. However, their attachment to humans has remained the same. If you live with a clingy chihuahua, it’s probably in their genes!

Why Is My Chihuahua So Clingy? 

Why Is My Chihuahua So Clingy? 

Aside from a chihuahua’s clingy nature being in their genes, there are a few other reasons your pup might be extra clingy. You need to identify the root cause of their clinginess to help your chihuahua feel more comfortable. Being so clingy might not always be a normal act and could be a sign of more serious issues. So here are some possible reasons why your chihuahua so clingy.

➠Separation Anxiety 

The most common reason why your chihuahua is clingy is that they have separation anxiety. It’s tough when you have to leave your furry friend at home alone, but for some dogs, it’s incredibly stressful. If your chihuahua has never been left alone before or has recently started showing clingy behavior, it might have separation anxiety.

Your chihuahua might start following you around or crying when you’re getting ready to leave. And when you finally leave, they might howl or bark until you return home. If this is the case, it’s important to help your chihuahua feel more comfortable when you’re not around.

To do this, you can start by leaving them alone for short periods and gradually increasing the amount of time you’re away. You should also try to make your departures and arrivals low-key, so they don’t get too excited. Lastly, give them a special toy or treat they only get when you’re not home to help them feel comforted.

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➠Pack Mentality and Animal Instinct 

Dogs are social animals and naturally live in packs. In the wild, canines would stay together to help them survive and protect them from predators. This instinct has been passed down to domestic dogs, who often form close bonds with their owners.

Your chihuahua might see you as their pack leader and feel the need to always stay close to you. It is why clingy dogs often follow their owners around the house or cry when left alone. If your chihuahua is particularly attached to one family member, it’s probably because they see that person as their pack leader.

To help your chihuahua feel more comfortable, you can try to establish yourself as the alpha dog. It means being calm and assertive around them and making sure they obey your commands. You should also try to socialize them with other dogs so that they understand that they’re not the only member of the pack.

➠Lapdog Breed

What makes Chihuahuas so clingy? They are intended to be a companion dog and lap dogs. They have a lengthy history of sticking at their owner. Being close to humans is in its DNA. It indicates that they mostly crave and need attention.

It is why giving your chihuahua plenty of attention is important. If you don’t, they might start to feel anxious or stressed. Try to spend at least 30 minutes a day playing with your chihuahua or simply petting them. You should also try to include them in as many activities as possible, so they don’t feel left out.

➠Learned Behavior

In some cases, clingy behavior might be a learned behavior. If you’ve always coddled your chihuahua or given them attention when they cry, they might have learned that this is how to get your attention. As a result, they might start to act clingy all the time to get your attention.

To prevent this, you need to be consistent with your attention. Only give it attention when it behaves as you want it to. It means praising your chihuahua when they’re being good and ignoring them when they’re being stubborn. It might take some time, but eventually, they’ll learn that clinginess doesn’t get them the attention they want.

➠Lack of Socialization

If your chihuahua hasn’t been properly socialized, they might be clingy because they’re afraid of other people and animals. It’s important to introduce your chihuahua to new people and animals in a positive way so that they can learn that there’s nothing to be afraid of. You should start at an early age and gradually expose them to new experiences.

For example, you can take them for walks in different neighborhoods or the dog park. You can also have friends over to your house so they can get used to different people. The more exposure they have, the less clingy they’ll be.

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➠Aging or Illness

Older chihuahuas that are losing their hearing or eyesight, or those suffering from cognitive impairment, may suddenly get clingy as they start to feel unfamiliar with their surroundings. Chihuahuas who are sick or bored may sometimes become clingy. Discuss the potential causes of the sudden clingy behavior with your veterinarian. Especially if the clingy behavior is accompanied by other changes in behavior or physical symptoms.

➠Change in Routine

Chihuahuas benefit from routines much as people do. Since they are aware of what to anticipate, this makes them feel safe and secure. Perhaps you have changed your schedule, and your chihuahua is not used to being left alone for long periods.

Sudden changes to their routine can cause stress and anxiety, which may manifest as clingy behavior. Try to stick to a regular routine as much as possible and give your chihuahua plenty of attention when you are home.

➠Velcro Dog

The term “Velcro dog” is used to describe a dog always sticking close to its owner. While it might be cute at first, it can eventually become annoying. However, there are times that you can mistake separation anxiety for velcro dogs. So how do you know the difference?

A velcro dog is clingy by choice. They want to be close to their owner because they enjoy it. Separation anxiety is a more serious condition that causes your dog to feel anxious and stressed when they’re away from you.

Whenever you and a Velcro Chihuahua are together in the same space, they will cling to you like glue. However, they shouldn’t have any problems while you’re gone. When you’re not home, a Chihuahua with separation anxiety could wreck your house and hurt itself.

Being a velcro dog poses risks for your chihuahua because it lacks self-assurance. It may thus feel uneasy near other pets or people. On the other hand, a dog with separation anxiety will be okay as long as it’s next to you.

➠Fear of Abandonment

Many Chihuahuas come from abusive or neglectful homes. As a result, they might be afraid of abandonment and become overly clingy as a way to prevent it from happening again. If your chihuahua is afraid of abandonment, they might follow you around everywhere you go or cry whenever you leave the room.

You need to be patient and consistent to help your chihuahua overcome their fear of abandonment. Give them plenty of love and attention when you’re around, but don’t give in to their demands for attention when you’re trying to leave. It will only reinforce the behavior.

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Reassure them that you’ll always come back and provide them with a safe place to stay while you’re gone. With time and patience, your chihuahua will learn that they no longer have to be afraid of abandonment.


Some female chihuahuas become clingy when they’re pregnant. It is because they’re instinctively trying to protect their unborn puppies. If your chihuahua is pregnant, you might notice that she’s more clingy than usual and wants to stay close to you at all times.

It is perfectly normal behavior, and there’s no need to worry. Make sure you’re providing your chihuahua with plenty of love and attention. Once she gives birth, her clinginess will start to fade as she starts to focus on her puppies.


Since dogs are different, some Chihuahuas seem more independent than others. As a result, clinginess might differ for every dog. Chihuahuas that are more independent might not be as clingy as those who enjoy being close to their owner all the time.

It really depends on your chihuahua’s personality. If they’re naturally independent, they might not be as clingy. However, if they enjoy being close to you, they might follow you around everywhere you go.

➠Traumatic Event

If your chihuahua has been through a traumatic event, it might cause them to become more clingy. It is because they’re trying to seek comfort and safety from you. Traumatic events can include things like being abandoned, abused, or neglected.

If your chihuahua has been through a traumatic event, it’s important to be patient and understanding. They might not want to be left alone and will need plenty of love and attention.

Tips to Help a Chihuahua So Clingy Behavior 

Chihuahua lying on the blanket

If you have a clingy chihuahua, you can do a few things to help them feel more comfortable and less anxious.

🔴Establish Boundaries and Rules

Early on, setting limits and rules for your chihuahua is crucial. If you don’t want them to jump on the furniture, be consistent in your training and don’t let them do it even once. Consistency is key when it comes to setting boundaries for your chihuahua. It will reassure them and assist them in understanding whatever is required. Additionally, it will provide your chihuahua a sense of security and keep them from being too attached to you.

🔴Help Them to Be More Independent

One of the best things you can do for a clingy chihuahua is to help them be more independent. In this situation, you can provide them with a pleasurable pastime to keep them occupied. It’s something you can do both indoors and outside. Some people might think that getting a chihuahua a “job” will help make them feel more purposeful and independent.

🔴Give Them Plenty of Exercises 

If your chihuahua is constantly clingy, it might be because they have too much energy. It is why it’s essential to give them plenty of exercises. A tired dog is a good dog. If they’re exhausted, they’ll be less likely to follow you around everywhere you go.

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🔴Provide Mental Stimulation

In addition to physical exercise, it’s also important to provide your chihuahua with mental stimulation. It can be in the form of puzzle toys, training classes, or even simple games like hide-and-seek. It can help to tire them out both mentally and physically. Thus, resulting in a less clingy chihuahua.

🔴Use Positive Reinforcement Training 

Positive reinforcement training is the way to go if you want to teach your chihuahua not to be so clingy. This type of training focuses on rewarding your dog for good behavior. Whenever they display the desired behavior, you give them a treat.

With time and patience, your chihuahua will learn that they don’t have to be clingy to get your attention. They’ll start to feel more confident and independent. And as a result, you’ll have a happier and less stressed dog.

🔴Provide a Safe Place

Create a place where your chihuahua can go rather than chase you around. You can place your chihuahua’s favorite toys, bedding, food, and water in this space. Create cues for your chihuahua to go to this place, such as “Go to the special spot,” and award them treats as soon as they arrive.

🔴Stick to a Routine

Chihuahuas feel more secure when they know what to expect. Try to stick to a regular routine as much as possible, including mealtimes, walks, and playtime. It will help your chihuahua feel more comfortable and less anxious.

🔴Take them to Doggy Daycare 

If you’re going to be away from home for a long period, it might be a good idea to take your chihuahua to doggy daycare. Your chihuahua might benefit from additional physically and mentally stimulation from doggie daycare. Also, they can socialize with other dogs and have fun while you’re gone.

🔴Desensitize your Chihuahua

Your chihuahua has undoubtedly learned to correlate specific actions (such as getting the keys or heading to the kitchen) with being rewarded or left. Practice making these gestures without actively engaging in the corresponding routine activity to “normalize” them.

🔴Get a Second Dog

If you’re considering getting another dog, it might help reduce your chihuahua’s clinginess. Having a second dog can provide companionship and reduce separation anxiety. Just make sure to introduce the dogs slowly and carefully to make sure they get along well together.

The Pros of a Chihuahua So Clingy 

✔Easy to Train

Chihuahuas that are clingy are often easier to train because they want nothing more than to please you. They live to make you happy, which means they’re highly motivated to learn new things and behave as you want them to. A clingy Chihuahua is particularly receptive to instruction since they would follow your lead. And as an owner, you need to be persistent and patient for your chihuahua to master new skills.

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✔Great Companion

A clingy Chihuahua is a perfect companion for those who live alone or spend a lot of time alone. They provide companionship and love unconditionally. And they’re always happy to see you, no matter how long you’ve been gone.

✔Extremely Loyal

A chihuahua’s loyalty knows no bounds. They’ll do anything to please you and make sure you’re always happy. They’ll be there for you through thick and thin, always ready to lend a helping paw. The chihuahua’s clinginess is often mistaken for possessiveness, but it’s just their way of showing you how much they care.


Chihuahuas that are clingy often make great family dogs. They’re incredibly loyal and protective of their loved ones. And they have a lot of love to give. A clingy Chihuahua might be ideal if you’re looking for a dog that will bond closely with your family.

✔Great Watchdogs

Chihuahuas are known for being great watchdogs, even though they’re small in size. They have a strong instinct to protect their family and home from intruders. And their clinginess means they’ll always be by your side, keeping an eye out for any potential danger.

✔Not Getting Lost

Chihuahuas that are clingy are less likely to wander off and get lost. They’re content to stay close to you, which means they’re less likely to end up in a dangerous situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

📌Why is clinginess a problem for a chihuahua?

Clinginess is often a problem for chihuahuas because it can lead to separation anxiety. When chihuahua is clingy, they often become anxious when they’re away from their owner. It can cause them to bark excessively, urinate in the house, and pace back and forth. It can be difficult to leave your chihuahua alone if they’re clingy, but it’s important to give them some time to adjust.

📌How do you tell if your chihuahua is needy?

There are a few signs that your chihuahua is needy. If they follow you everywhere you go, sleep in your bed, and get anxious when you leave them alone, they might be clingy. Chihuahuas that are clingy often have difficulty being away from their owner for even a short period of time.

📌Why are chihuahuas so attached to their owners?

Chihuahuas are often attached to their owners because they’re bred to be companion animals. They’re known for being loyal, loving, and protective of their family. And as their owner, they believed you to be their pack leader. So it’s no wonder they always want to be close to you.

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📌Do chihuahuas require a lot of attention?

Chihuahuas often require much attention because they’re bred to be companion animals. They thrive on human interaction and need to feel loved and valued. Without enough attention, chihuahuas can become anxious and stressed.

📌What is the best way to deal with a clingy chihuahua?

The best way to deal with a clingy chihuahua is to give them plenty of love and attention. They need to feel loved and valued to be happy. So take time each day to cuddle, play, and bond with your chihuahua. And if you’re going to be away from them for an extended period of time, make sure to provide them with plenty of toys and activities to keep them occupied.

📌Do chihuahuas like being the only dog?

Chihuahuas often do well as the only dog in the family. They’re used to being the center of attention and can sometimes be a little possessive of their owner’s time and affection. So if you plan to add another dog to the family, it’s important to introduce them slowly and ensure they are still getting plenty of attention.

📌Why is my chihuahua so clingy all of a sudden?

There are a few possible reasons why your chihuahua might suddenly be clingy. It could be that they’re not feeling well, experiencing some changes in their environment, or they might be going through a sensitive stage in their development. If you’re concerned about your chihuahua’s clinginess, it’s always best to consult with your veterinarian. Especially if you observe any other changes in their behavior.

📌Should chihuahuas sleep with you?

Chihuahuas often sleep with their owners because they like to be close to them. And as their owner, you’re likely the center of their world. So it’s no wonder they want to sleep in your bed. While there’s nothing wrong with letting your chihuahua sleep in your bed, it’s important to ensure they have their own bed or sleeping area. It will give them a sense of security and help them feel more comfortable when they’re away from you.

Final Thoughts

If your chihuahua is clingy, it’s important to give them plenty of love and attention. They need to feel loved and valued to be happy. So take time each day to cuddle, play, and bond with your chihuahua. And if you’re going away for an extended period.