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Why Does My Chihuahua Cry All the Time – Reasons Are Here!

Is this your first Chihuahua? Has your dog’s loud whimpering in the crate turned your elation into worry? You may sometimes ask why does my chihuahua cry all the time. If you don’t have much background with Chihuahua ownership, this can be a very unsettling problem.

Their cries may have been prompted by a combination of environmental and genetic factors. However, this is not always the case. When their eyelashes become moist for no apparent reason, it could be a sign of a more serious health problem.

To be a good pet owner, you have to realize that your Chihuahua will need some time to adjust to his or her new environment. They may seek the presence of their mothers and siblings again. As we go along, we will find out some of the possible causes of crate-related sobbing and some tried-and-true solutions.

About the Chihuahua Dog

why does my chihuahua cry all the time

As one of the oldest dog breeds, the Chihuahua can trace its lineage back to the Aztecs, who were responsible for much of the breed’s early development. These canines max out at a weight of 6 pounds and a height of just 5 to 8 inches. They’re so compact that you can throw one in your purse, following a style that became popular in the 2000s.

Chihuahuas are typically kept as little family pets and lapdogs. They are small enough to thrive in urban apartments with little square footage. However, due to issues like fragile bones, such a small stature makes them less suitable for households with young children.

Different Chihuahuas come in a wide range of sizes, styles, and colors. Both short- and long-haired variants are on offer. They’re small, cute, and spirited. However, some individuals also believe that excessive sobbing and wailing are widespread characteristics. So, is it possible that Chi’s blood lineage is responsible for why does my Chihuahua cry all the time?

Do Chihuahuas Cry?

Dogs express their feelings through vocalizations and postures, including barking and whining. Chihuahua tears, however, sound very different from human ones. Tears are a common component of the human cry and are frequently associated with melancholy.

The whining sound that a Chihuahua or other dog makes is often mistaken for tears. The way a person’s tears show sadness or pain, a dog’s whimpering might just be an attempt to say what it wants or needs.

Why Does My Chihuahua Cry All the Time: the Most Common Reasons for their Tears

Why does my Chihuahua cries all the time and weep so much? This is a subject that has been plaguing dog owners for years.

1-Chihuahua’s Nighttime Cry

A Chihuahua’s nighttime crying could be due to a number of different issues. The Chihuahua may be experiencing separation anxiety. Chihuahuas tend to do this because they are so devoted to the people who live with them. The feeling of isolation and anxiety may cause them to cry.

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➡ Loneliness

Chihuahuas are high-intelligence, high-energy canines. They’ll go insane if they don’t get regular doses of excitement and distraction. Because of this, they may start howling, barking, and doing bad things like chewing furniture, digging holes, and knocking over their water bowl. When your Chihuahua is bored, it will whine or bark to get your attention so that you can engage in some fun activity with them, like playing or going for a walk.

2-Chihuahua Crying in its Crate

Your Chihuahua may whine or whimper in their box for a variety of reasons. Maybe they’re having trouble handling being apart from you. If they always weep in there, that’s a good bet. A Chihuahua with separation anxiety is distressed when separated from their owner.

If your Chihuahua has separation anxiety and weeps, start with a short crate training and increase it. Your Chihuahua may be upset because they are unused to spending time in their kennel. Adding bedding and toys to the crate may help make it more bearable for the pet.

3-Why Does My Chihuahua Cry All the Time: Crying Due to Illness

In the event that your Chihuahua is harmed or ill, they may start crying excessively to get your attention. Chihuahuas are petite dogs with delicate frames. They are easily hurt or crushed by unwary foot traffic. In light of this, it’s critical to check your Chihuahua for injuries on a regular basis, especially if the dog begins whimpering out of nowhere.

Chihuahuas may shed a tear when they’re feeling under the weather. If your Chihuahua is crying, it may have an ear infection. When a Chihuahua has an ear infection, he or she may also shake their head, scratch their ears, and have discharge come out of their ears. If you suspect your Chihuahua has an ear infection, a vet’s visit is irreplaceable!

A Chihuahua may also weep because of a lung infection, intestinal parasites, or kidney problems. If you’re unsure why your Chihuahua is sobbing, visit a vet.

4-Eyelash Irritations

Tear-inducing conditions affecting the eyelashes are common in Chihuahuas. These are the top three:


This ailment manifests itself when the dog’s hair grows backward, toward the eyes, rather than forward.


When the eyelids turn inward, a condition known as entropion occurs. The number of eyelashes seen here is typical. Distichiasis is the medical term for having more eyelashes than usual, which can be annoying or even painful.

Disorders of Ectopic Cilia

Extremely rarely, the eyelashes can grow inside the eyelids. To put it simply, it’s irritating to the eyes.

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5-Eye Allergies

Common allergens, such as pollen and dust, tend not to bother the Chi breed. However, your dog’s health may be jeopardized if they come into contact with allergens. Their bodies mount a defensive response to these stimuli, and histamine production begins. Inflammation and tears are two of the signs brought on by this reaction.

The manner in which your Chi eats matters a great deal as well. If you see any unusual reactions from your pet after feeding them a certain kind of food, you should get a second opinion from a vet. Specify how long it took for symptoms to appear and what they ate before the response began. With this information, the vet will be better able to figure out what is causing the allergy and the ripping.

While shopping, you should always double-check the dog food’s ingredients to ensure your pet is getting the best possible nutrition. Before feeding your pet new food, check with your vet. Perfumes, deodorants, and secondhand smoke are just a few examples of airborne irritants that can lead to health issues. Make sure your dog isn’t in the room if you smoke or wear perfume, especially if you have any doubts about their trustworthiness.

6-Sinus Infection

Both humans and dogs are susceptible to sinus-related illnesses. Parasites from the outside, such as germs and viruses, are to blame for this illness in this case as well. The following are some symptoms of a sinus infection in your chihuahua puppy:

  • Disturbance in eating habits
  • Snoring too much
  • Cold’s classic symptoms: runny nose and sneezing
  • Problems breathing as a result of restricted airflow.
  • Swelling of the Eyes

7-Blockage of Tear Duct

This is what happens when anything blocks your dog’s tear ducts, and his or her tears overflow. The following are some of the more prominent indicators of this problem:

why does my chihuahua cry all the time
  • Continually bloodshot and teary eyes
  • Bruising and discoloration around the eyes
  • Using the eyes as paws
  • Cry-baby tendencies and permanent tear marks

Eye injuries, infection of the duct, problems connected to breed or heredity, and corneal ulcers are only a few of the many potential causes of a blocked tear duct. If your Chihuahua has a rancid stench around its eyes, it likely has an eye infection or a blocked tear duct. We urge you to immediately verify it with your reliable veterinarian.

8-Crying for Attention

It’s possible to see a Chihuahua crying for no reason. The little pooch is just looking for some love. When you’re not paying attention to your Chihuahua, he or she cries more. When Chihuahuas weep, they usually want to be petted and is seeking attention. That’s the reason why does my Chihuahua cry all the time.

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This is truer if they also whine or claw at you while sobbing. When your Chihuahua starts sobbing more often than normal, try showering him or her with additional affection. It could be the thing to help your Chihuahua recover.

9-Already Hungry

why does my chihuahua cry all the time

When your Chihuahua starts weeping, it may just be because they’re hungry. If you notice your Chihuahua weeping and know they are hungry, try giving them a small amount of food. If your small pooch keeps crying after eating, this could be a sign of stomach pain or trouble.

This keeps happening, it’s time to take the fur baby to the vet. Once you notice that your Chihuahua only barks or howls when it’s hungry, try feeding it more frequently. Your Chihuahua’s tendency to demand attention will decrease significantly after a meal.

Due to their small stomachs and high metabolic rates, Chihuahuas require a specific diet. If your Chihuahua is always whining about being hungry, it’s crucial to make sure they’re getting enough to eat. To make sure they eat regularly throughout the day, you can divide their food into two or three smaller portions.

Chihuahuas often beg for table scraps, but not as much as some other types of dogs. It’s likely they’re used to getting scraps, so if they beg after they’ve just eaten, they’ll do it again.

10-The Chi Wants to Pee

A Chihuahua’s urge to relieve themselves is a common source of whining. If you hear your Chihuahua weeping and it appears to be in pain, take it outside right away.

11-Feels Worried

When Chihuahuas are feeling frightened or scared, it’s fairly uncommon for them to whine or whimper. That’s one of the reasons why does my Chihuahua cry all the time. This is typically the case because of their diminutive stature and delicate makeup. A Chihuahua’s natural response to danger is to bark and call for assistance.

However, this behavior may also reflect psychological anguish. The Chihuahua may be sobbing for medical reasons, so see a vet. Your Chihuahua might be given medicine to help him or she relax and enjoy life. Your anxious, tearful Chihuahua can overcome their fears and live a long, healthy life with your help.

12-Teething Phase

It’s not uncommon for Chihuahua puppies to tear up the place while they’re teething. This response should not raise any alarm bells. However, if the puppy seems to be in a lot of discomfort and the dog cries uncontrollably, you should take it to the clinic.

13-Size of Eye Sockets

The eye sockets of a normal chi are big enough to hold its normal tear drainage system. As a result, the tears will run down the cheeks and out of the eye sockets if your dog has smaller eye sockets than average.

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The excessive amount of tears Chihuahuas shed when they’re frightened begs the question: “Why?” Because of their diminutive size, Chihuahuas may find the world to be a frightening place. A few pooches of this breed are easily terrified. When a Chihuahua is scared, it makes sounds of distress, tucks its tail, breathes quickly, licks its lips, and shakes.


It’s possible that your Chihuahua’s tears of joy at your return are simply expressions of happiness at seeing you. Chihuahuas have an unwavering devotion to their owners and thrive on one-on-one interaction. Your Chihuahua will wag its tail, hop up and down, spin in circles, lick your face, and even get the zoomies if it’s thrilling.

Why Does My Chihuahua Cry So Much?

Most Chihuahuas are anxious dogs, and Chihuahua’s crying and whining might be a forerunner to more serious violence. So, why does my Chihuahua cry all the time? Chihuahuas typically scream or whine when they are unhappy. Chihuahuas are notoriously abrasive until they snap, so take care around them and try to keep them from getting worked up.

How to Stop Your Chihuahua from Crying?

The first thing you should do if you hear your Chihuahua sobbing is to figure out what’s upsetting her. This is regardless of the reasons why does my Chihuahua cry all the time. In either case, whether your dog’s sobbing is a recent development or has persisted for much too long, the following are some steps you may take to help calm your pet:

1. Identify the Reason

Understanding your dog’s distress in your absence is the first step toward a remedy. By learning this, you can determine whether the problem is one of immoral conduct that can be taught to improve or whether it is a medical issue that may call for more in-depth treatment.

When your Chihuahua is in pain or suffering from an illness, you may not be able to do much to make them stop whimpering and whining. Communicating with your vet about what could be worrying them is probably your best bet. If, however, your Chihuahua’s crying results from a learned behavior in response to a need or want, you can train it to express itself in other ways.

❇ Body Language

Depending on how they feel, dogs may use different kinds of actions to say what they want. Common signs of happiness, like a wagging tail or bouncing about, are well known. The ability to recognize others, however, is uncommon.

Anxious canine behavior includes tail tucking, excessive panting, and excessive whining. Some trembling can also be seen in the Chihuahua breed at times. In times of stress, my Chihuahua trembles uncontrollably.

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❇ Anxious Behaviors

Dogs make it easy to see when they are unhappy. It’s common for dogs to stick out their tongues to express how they’re feeling. When a dog is anxious, it may have its tongue jut out ever-so-slightly. Another telltale clue that anything is awry is if they start pacing, wandering in circles, or sweating excessively.

❇ Reflecting Behavior

Based on the tone of delivery, a whimper or bark can reveal a lot. A fast, high-pitched bark could mean the dog is having fun, while a low, groaning, whimpering bark could mean the dog is upset. Understanding the meaning of why Chihuahuas bark so much requires time and familiarity with the dog. You’ll need to be patient because this process will take some time.

Unless someone is outside or knocking on the door, my Chihuahua rarely barks. When she begins barking uncontrollably, it usually means she wants to play. That’s the reason why does my Chihuahua cry all the time. Generally, her actions mirror what she growls about.

2. Keep them Active

Make sure your Chihuahua gets enough exercise and playtime every day if it is restless and whining because it is boring. Help ensure your puppy gets enough exercise. It doesn’t matter whether that’s a quick game of fetch in the family room or a long walk in the park. As a result, he may experience less stress, have better sleep, and lead a healthier lifestyle overall. If your new puppy is having difficulties sleeping, this will help tremendously.

3. Negative Feedback Is Not Acceptable

It is important to train a dog not to weep for affection if that is the reason for the dog’s distress. Do not give in to their pleadings for treats or a pet if they are only weeping to be annoying. Wait for them to stop weeping before rewarding them with food or attention. This method can help your dog learn that whining and begging are fruitless and that it is better to stay silent or find another way to express its needs.

4. Make them Feel Secure

If you think your Chihuahua is worried or stressed and is crying because of it, it is important to give your dog a calm, loving place to be. Assuring your dog of a safe haven in the form of a dedicated sleeping room or a couple of familiar toys will help calm their concerns and put an end to their whimpering.

To reassure your Chihuahua that everything is okay, give it some positive reinforcement after it stops crying. It’s important to figure out what your puppy needs and give it to them so they can live a long, healthy life. You can avoid a lot of unnecessary crying in your Chihuahua with proper training and care.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do Chihuahuas have a lot of empathy?

Chihuahuas have a high level of sensitivity. A Chihuahua, unlike some other dogs, will not take kindly to being scolded or given a hard stare.

Q: Exactly what causes Chihuahuas to yowl?

Screaming, high-pitched barking and howling can be signs of pain in Chihuahuas and other tiny dogs with neck and spine disorders. When a dog is in discomfort, it’s time to visit the vet.

Q: Is she aware of your Chihuahua love?

I’m sure Fido understands how much you care for him. When it comes to bonding with humans, dogs have taken over the oxytocin pathway often used for human infants. The same rise in oxytocin happens when you pet or play with your dog as when you just look at him or her.

Q: Do Chihuahuas have the ability to feel sorrow?

Dogs can perceive our emotions, as can other animals. You’ll be relieved to have a furry buddy who can comfort you when you’re feeling down in the dumps, as they all react to melancholy in their own unique ways—having a dog as a pet increases our levels of feel-good chemicals, according to research.

Q: Can you explain how Chihuahuas pick their human companions?

Dogs are notorious for favoring one person over others, but this could just be because they prefer the company of those who have their own values and temperament. For example, a dog with a lot of energy is more likely to bond strongly with a person who is just as active.

Wrapping Things Up

All sorts of things can make a Chihuahua weep. When you bring a pet into your house, it’s important to do everything you can to make them feel safe and at ease. Because they are small, they are more likely to get diseases and disorders from the environment or because of their genes.

Positive reinforcement and exercise can help curb this tendency to cry over time. If you ask why does my chihuahua cry all the time and you can’t make it stop, you should take it to a licensed veterinarian. Any dog, the Chihuahua or otherwise, should never be mistreated by its owner.